My 1st Breakfast in Over 7 Years!

That’s right folks….my first breakfast in over 7 years, from my wife that is.
Yes the picture is horrible but the sentiment was beautiful.
I have known my wife now for about 7 years and this is her first attempt of cooking.
What we have here is one organic egg, over easy on a slice of 7 grain toast with a slice of deluxe American cheese and just a dusting of freshly crushed black pepper.
To compliment this lovely montage to an early american breakfast, Deb has included a dollop of low fat organic cottage cheese. O.K., normally a breakfast like this doesn’t even deserve to be plated on the finest chinette but this is a friggin milestone.
I guess that I screwed myself from the beginning, culinarily speaking. A guy dreams of meeting a girl that wants to have dinner on the table for him as well as an ice cold beer
awaiting his arrival on the couch…the dream is dead fellas.
On our first date I went to this gourmet superstore on Long Island called Etzies.
Etzies doesn’t exist anymore but the memories of where I went wrong will live on forever.
I drew this plan on a napkin for an indoor picnic that included freshly cut flowers, shrimp cocktail, french baguettes, fresh seasonal fruit from local farmstands, grilled miso glazed salmon and a chiled bottle of Pino Grigio Santa Margarita. I heard the chicks love it!
Well she loved it. She loved it so much she has played stupid in the kitchen ever since.
Cheap Alli style=”text-align: center;”>The next time I see my wife make a meal for me will be right before I see Haley’s comet and just after I play Pac-Man with the Lochness Monster.
Guys, if your wife cooks don’t ruin a good thing by going into the kitchen. Stay on the couch.
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