About Me

Welcome to A Man in the Kitchen.

To quote George Bernard Shaw,  

                         “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” 

(Don’t tell my wife about this quote)

It’s simple…

We all love food. I know I do. No, really….I LOVE food.

Cooking is an art form and a very passionate one at that. It arouses our senses, awakens past memories, creates new ones and motivates us.

It feeds our souls while it nourishes our bodies.

Whenever I cook, I create. As an artist, I see the empty plate as milky white canvas and the food is my medium.

Look, I don’t want to get all goofy and nutty sounding, but I think if you are a serious foodie, then you’ll be like..

“Yes..right on!” or “Word!” or perhaps even “Damn…that’s how I feel about it..I just never thought anyone else felt that way.” or maybe, “This guy is out of his friggin mind.”

However you feel about food or whatever road you took to get to this website,  I am thrilled that you are spending some time with me in my little sensory over load experiment known as …A Man in the Kitchen.