NYC Eats- A City Boy at Heart Eats His Day Away. Part 1.


Living out East makes it an all day event to have to travel to the “The City”, so we really like to pack in as much as we can.

For me, I get obsessed with street vendors, outdoor bars and guys selling crap on the side of the road. Common, you know you are the same way too.

I grew up only 15 mikes from the naked city and worked on Park Ave for a number of years, so I know where the food is. I know where to find a bunch of other stuff but we’ll save that for another day.

From the moment I step onto Broadway, I can smell bread baking at Boule Bakery, Pakistani Shashlik from Park Avenue, Carnegie Deli pickles as I come into Penn Station and beer at McSorley’s from 7th Avenue.

I dream of oysters and Guinness from Traxx Raw Bar down in Penn, Overpriced crab legs at City Crab and  Hookah in the village.

From the moment the train pulls into in Penn Station you are greeted with some odd sweet indistinguishable scents, however, there are some good ones as well that welcome you to the beginning of the culinary promised land.

Hot and Crusty is a kick ass bakery that served as my daily breakfast stop for many a year and even provided that evenings bread that was intended on being with my while I arrived home. It never usually made it that far…It’s that’s damn good.

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Where do I usually go? It depends. I usually wait until I get above ground and then decide. Sometimes vegetarian, sometimes gastropub, sometimes seafood but it’s not just about the food. The beer and wine list, the ambiance and the vibe all play an important role.

The Blarney Rock Pub is a fun place right across from the train station to grab a pint and have a rest, watch the rugby game on one of their 14 tv’s but sometimes you can get stuck in a time warp when you are sitting at these bars.

It’s comfortable, inviting, fun and all of a sudden you look outside and you missed the daylight.

As you can see, it was a beautiful day. The sun was out and after a long, long walk we got to Bryant Park.  The skaters were making long lines waiting to get on the ice, the air was cool and crisp and holy crap!!!!!! There is a bar right in the middle of the park.

Enter, The Southwest Porch

To celebrate  Southwest Airlines coming to NYC, they hooked up with Top Chef’s own Tom Colicchio and his fun sandwich shop, witchcraft, to create the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park.

With over 15 sandwiches and creative snacks to choose from, The Southwest Porch has something to fill up any belly and a nice assortment of wine, beer and cocktails as well. Try the Garlic Parm Popcorn, have a few Southwest Brews and slip deep into the cool mojo that comes from this space.

After forgetting about the everyday stresses of life and being an Uber Blog Master General, we met up with a friend at Union Bar on Park Ave South.

This is a cool and swanky place that is ideal to just relax and have a nice cocktail at it’s huge 50 foot mahogany bar.

Cool Fact Alert! This bar is the original bar that was once house in the Astor Hotel and was built in 1904. Just think about all of the people and celebs that set their elbows on this piece of history……and stuck their gun underneath as well.

The Falafal guy on 6th Avenue

The vendors were out in full force and the aromas were strong, sweet and savory. There is nothing like eating on the run in NYC, especially when the food that comes from a vendor can rival that from some of the finest restaurants.

Ending the Night with this Famous Food Critic.

Arriving at City Crab on Park Ave. S, we met up with the very secretive, legend in his own mind, super stealth food critic from NYC.

His name can not be published but let me tell you, he has an opinion. Like A-holes, everyone has an opinion but seriously……he always has an opinion. This is why his discerning palate is always on the move. Looking for the trendy, the new, the popular or just the old reliable that puts out quality time after time.

NYC Round 2 Coming Up Next Week……Stay Tuned.

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