NYC Eats Part 2.


New York City. It’s the financial capital of the world. It’s the cultural epicenter hands down, and it’s the culinary Mecca.

Whatever you want to indulge in you can find it here. Whether you are just indulging your senses or feeding your need for hard to come by beers, you can find in in NYC.

If you cant find your favorite eats in this town……your favorite eats don’t exist.

From American to Zambian food……

From Pierogies to Pizza……

From Ribs to Roasts, Ducks to Danish and Microwbrews to Malt Liquor in a very sensible 40 ounce bottle……
It’s all here.

McSorley’s Old Ale House. We ended the night at one of my favorite bars as well as one of the oldest. I’m listing in first as I don’t remember much about the night once we got here…….so on with the adventure.

Coming out of a parking garage somewhere on 34th Street, we decided just to walk around and find some good vibes, cold beers and good eats. Within 1 minute we found Mustang Harry’s.

Usually when a bar is only 2 blocks from MSG, Iwould find them to be more of a tourist attraction that served mediocre fried foods than the NYC treats that I craved……but we took a chance and won a Mustang Harry’s.

The calamari was crunchy, tasty and fried in clean oil. Sounds silly, but if you knew the life span of the average restaurant oil you may stop eating fried foods. Their calamari was fresh, not frozen and came with a side of fresh tomato sauce.

Disco Fries Once you finish these bad boys you will want to run to Studio 54 and dance off the calories for about 6 hours.  Yeah, I know Studio 54 is closed but you will want to run backwards so fast that you turn bak time and then you can start to work off the calories. Oh, don’t get me wrong……I love them. How could you not?

Crispy golden  fries, melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese and savory gravy. Damn, that’s nice!

Grilled Cheese Press 3 cheeses. Swiss, cheddar, mozzarella and tomato atop a bakery fresh brioche served with a small salad.

Just like mom’s grilled cheese but with 2 more cheeses and not greasy. Delicious.

Traditional Mustang Burger 2 greeezy patties that looked like they came in from White Castle ontop of a pathetic wet piece of lettuce. Loaded with ketchup and accompanied by thick guy steak fries. T-bone ate it all, licked the plate and wanted more. Hey, not everyone has a refinded palate.

Some bar along the way…… After a few beers we left and started walking and came across a bar with no name. So in we went.

After  2 restaurants, 5 miles of walking, 6 bars and a blown tire……the details got kind of fuzzy around 4 am.

Remember, when you go out be responsible, be courteous, be nice and be thankful. Always be thankful, you will enjoy your outings that much more.

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