Gordo Does it Again But We Got F#@KED Out of Our Reservations


It was 2 hours before our much anticipated dinner at Gordo’s latest experiment, The Handlebar Restaurant, and some arrogant twit from the production called with the bad news. “Sorry, you are shit out of luck. We gave your reservation away”.

Well, he didn’t exactly say that but he might as well have. After going back and fourth and reminding him that I was the 4th person on the list, a local and a dedicated customer he kept telling me that it was the decision of Gordon himself. 150 people had to be called and given the same news. He also told me that the restaurant was being filled by local “celebs” and Gordon’s “people” from England. Give me a break, celebs? The celebs were…get ready for this…..80′s icon, Dee Snider. Yes, that’s right, The Twisted Sister himself, drag queen rock icon.

The restaurant opened to the public 2 days later and we were still looking forward to going to eat there.

Greeted by Carolyn, the owner and wife of Billy, we came into a totally different grove and energy never felt before at the old Handlebar.

After sitting at a nice little candlelit table we were greeted by our veteran server, Beth, with a little bucket of homemade delicious potato chips and creamy sun dried tomato aioli.

The menu was completely overhauled and the changes were healthier and quite delicious.

We started off with the whole belly Ipswich clams that brought me back to summer in Cape Cod.

They were sweet, slightly briny, lightly salted, crunchy, delicious and came with a creamy homemade tarter sauce. Damn, they were good.

For our entree we split the Portobello Mushroom Melt. Arriving on a simple Kaiser roll, this tender, balsamic marinated mushroom was topped with paper thin sliced red onion, crisp romaine lettuce, sharp white cheddar and a wonderful tarragon mayo. Delicious!

For dessert we had the 7 Layer Chocolate cake as well as the homemade Apple Cobbler.

We were thrilled with both. The chocolate cake was moist, but not wet, had plenty of rich butter cream frosting and was drizzled with Buy Cialis Professional Online Without Prescription a hot chocolate sauce.

The warm Apple Crisp had tender, delicious, thinly sliced “cinnamony” apples, a wonderful buttery crumb topping along with 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. It was just like mom would make if she ever made a friggin homemade dessert once in her life that didn’t come out of a tube from Pillsbury. Sorry..childhood trauma took over…O.K., I’m back.

Other liner notes:

The beer was ice..ice Generic pills whithout prescription cold, the food was great, the service was phenomenal, the atmosphere was really happy, everyone was smiling, my wife looked as beautiful as always, the owners were thrilled, the ghosts of the past had left and a new restaurant was born.

Just an f.y.i….they are NOT Long Island’s first Gastropub.

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  1. Bisquit Boy says:

    This place used to be a total dump. If I wanted to get bombed and meet a booky I would go here. From your description I need to check it out.

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