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Guy Fieri. Is He as Annoying to You as He is to Me?

Guy Fieri

Let me set the record straight. I love the Food Network just as much as anyone else. No…correction. I friggin’ adore the Food Network. I have been a junkie for years, it’s just some of their programming peeves me a tad. Let’s just jump to the chase. Guy Fieri. Those two words can either get [...]

9/11 Memories that Will Never Be Forgotten.

Today’s blog post is not about’s about respect and honor. It was a cool Tuesday September morning as I arrived at work some 45 miles east of Manhattan. I was still invigorated by my NYC meeting just a week before when I stayed at the Wall Street Marriot…just minutes from the terror attacks. I [...]

The Crock Pot Series: Creamy Cheese Tortellini and Spinach Soup.

crockpot 1

It’s winter….it’s cold as Hell, perhaps a bit depressing and perhaps the best time to break out the ole crock pot. What’s better than tossing a bunch of ingredients in a pot, covering it up, setting it for 6 hours and waking up to a complete meal? In my book….nothing, so let’s get it on [...]