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The Fifth Annual Long Island Restaurant Week was going on from Sunday, November 7th through Sunday, November 14th, 2010. For just one week, Sunday to Sunday, all of the participating restaurants offered a three-course prix fixe for $24.95 per person from each restautants unique menu.

This week was a great opportunity for you to check out restaurants that you would normally stay away from because of  higher prices or limited menus.

Last Sunday we planned a birthday party at O’s Wine Bar in St. James.  It was Marc’s birthday and being the foodie and wine lover that he is, O’s seemed like the perfect place for a group of 10 immature adults to gather for food and fun and to celebrate the b-day of a good friend.

Arriving at Marc’s 15 minutes late, I had to break the news to him that his plan for a quiet dinner for 4 at a local Italian joint was not going to happen due to a problem with the reservations. After a few tears and an awkward silence we decided to check out this local wine bar……where the rest of the crew were hiding.

As we pulled up, Deb ran in to make sure that everyone was there in hiding. As she came our friends were sitting at the bar in plain site, because people don’t know the meaning of a surprise party and the hostest with the least, I mean mostest, said that she was waiting for the rest of the party to arrive before seating them.

Hello……it’s a friggin surprise party! A surprise, like where people are hidden out of site, then when the surprisee arrives they, well……surprise them.

There were many drink and a lot of  culinary delights that evening. I’m not going to go through the entire menu so here are some notible favorites from the Tapas menu.

Tuna Tartare with House Chips 

Ocean Fresh and Delicious

Tender chunks of tuna with a nice mix of red onions, mango and chives accompanied by thinly sliced home made potao chips. It was refreshing, not exactly what I expected as I wasn’t thinking of a tropical type dish and lacked salt, but I overcame these small obstacles and at the end wanted more.


Truffle Risotto Lollipops with Beurre Blanc    

Heaven in Every Bite.

I really don’t know where to start. Fried risotto balls in an amazing beurre blanc. The risotto was fried to a beautiful, crispy golden brown then harpooned with a stick so you could easily eat them.

 Fried Calamari with Thai BBQ Sauce

Crispy, tender and seasoned perfectly. Simple things like using clean oil can really go far. The only issue I had was that the Thai BBQ sauce tasted like Pit Master BBQ Sauce. Yeah, the one that you can get at the dollar store. I didn’t say that I didn’t like itm just that it wasn’t anything too special.

A little note.. During the first year of Long Island’s Restaurant Week,  all of the participating restaurants total revenue was estimated to be $2,848,200 with New York State taking in about $150,753 in tax dollars. Due to the amount of attention from the media, the official website, www.longislandrestaurantweek.com, received 942,997 hits from over 53,000 Buy Generic Drugs visitors. Many restaurants reported an increase in sales and reservations due to the promotion, some by up to 200% and others decided to extend the promotion.

You remember Marc don’t ya?  He likes to bake. (As if you couldn’t tell.)

Long Island Restaurant Week 2010

Tapas Prix Fixe

Course 1
Choose two:

Marinated Grilled Shrimp Cocktail
Shishito Peppers
Truffle Risotto Lollipops with Beurre Blanc
Tuna Tartare with House Chips
Sauteed Artichoke Hearts
Fried Calamari with Thai BBQ Sauce

Course 2
Choose Two:

Shrimp Tempura with Mango-Passionfruit Sauce
BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Old World Meatballs with Goat Cheese Risotto
Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri
Sauteed Baby Spinach with Pine Nuts & Raisins
Hand Cut French Fries with Parmesan & Truffle Oil

Choose One:

French Alps Chocolate Fondue
Fresh Fruit & Berries

Raspberry Napoleon
Raspberry Sorbet & Raspberry Coulis

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