Port Jefferson Farmer’s Market Closes for the Season.

Every Sunday morning from June to last Sunday, November 7,  my trusty co pilot, relaxation therapist, food advisor and black lab extraordinaire, Benson and I, would look forward to going to the local farmer’s market in Port Jeff Village , until last Sunday.

You see, Benson knows when it’s time to go to the market. He get’s up extra early and then get’s me up extra early because he likes to walk around while people are setting up.  He sees various veggies fall out of boxes and trucks as the farmers Buy Generic Viagra Online are unloading and looks at me as to say, “Dad, it fell on the floor. They were gonna throw it out any way and don’t forget the 5 second rule.” Then before I can say “no”, slurp, the tongue comes out and he is eating a free breakfast. You know how it is. Just like the old men that goes to Costco and like a geriatric hawk ,circles the ladies giving out samples of Jimmy Dean sausage and mini meatballs, over and over, that’s Ben. The canine street cleaner at the market.  That’s his joy in the early am and mine is to pick the choice pieces of fish from the fish guy before everyone else does.  But we better get our fill, I told him as this Sunday was going to be the last Sunday he could do that until next Spring. Ugh, what is a tomato/people lovin Lab to do?

We had something to look forward to. Something different than going to a crappy supermarket to rummage through their insecticide covered green beans, bruised tomatoes and moldy raspberries.  Stores with workers in sloppy smocks, roast beef covered baseball hats, (tilted sideways), negative attitudes and screaming kids being pushed in loud, squeezy, broken carts by mothers who just gave up and rather be home watching the Home Shopping Network.

The farmer’s market had a wide selection of produce, artisnal foods and even wine from across Long Island. Local bakeries, small batch cookie and cup cake makers, Italian specialty stores and the most addictive, sugary sweet cherry tomatoes, courtesy of Condolezza Farms in Wading River.

The selection was always great from all of the vendors. From asparagus to brussel sprouts. 10 differnt varietials of tomatoes, zucchini so big it could be considered a weapon, the best fresh made mozzarella from Napoli in Port Jeff Station, overpriced breads from La Bonne Boulangerie, a local snobby bakery, Wine from Castello di Borghese Vineyard (not that Pindar could ever show up……seeing that their retail store was on 3 stores away from the market), and the coolest fresh herb and sauces from Sweet Melissa, from whom I am making a crock pot full of her potato leek soup currently, at 6 AM .

The farmer’s market represented many things. Choices. The ability to choose local foods. The choice to interact with the people who actually grow and prepare food locally. The choice to experience new fruits and veggies without going broke.  The choice to support the local workers, not those in California and Mexico. The choice to know where you food is just before it hits your table. The choice to be open minded and try some new foods you may never have had. The choice to have a 30 year grudge against brussell sprouts and most importantly, the choice to become a part of a tight community of like minded foodies and the choice to enjoy the harvest that is grown on this amazingly fertile 118 mile long island.

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