Halloween Tricks and Treats. The Mysterious Case of Who Brought the Entenmann’s?


Nothing says, “Thanks so much for this kick ass party, I know you must have spent thousands”, than an Entennman’s Raspberry Cake.


Every year, our friends Jimmy and Elaine have an amazing Halloween party. No, you don’t understand, this is really amazing. I’m talking about a party you see in movies that make you jealous that you weren’t there.I’m not talking about a pretentious party in The Hampton’s with P-Doody and J-Blow and the like, I mean a house party to put all others to shame.

The issue today is not, Who came to the party???? What Awesome Food was at the Party??? What did I Eat??? But…………..Who Brought The Entenmanns’s??????

Now, I like Entennman’s just as much as the next guy. Hell, we all grew up on it and it’s, what I call, America’s cake, so not to like it is, well……dare I say, Un-American!!!!!! But there is a time and a place for everything.


Was it The Rabbi?


After 3 months of prepping and years of collecting skulls, demons and ghoulish decorations, Jimmy transforms his property into a haunted playground for both kids and adults. Adults at night. Any who, every year when we get our invites, we try to think creatively about what we are going to bring and what we are going to make.

                                                                                           Was it The Socialite?

Besides the initial oooo’s and ahhhh’s, the creative costumes, the hours of make up and weeks of deciding what to be or who to dress up as, food and drink are a big part of the bash. In addition to hiring a bar tender and paying for a caterer, they rely on the generosity of others to help out, after all they drop a few grand each year on this and don’t ask for anything but for us to bring something.

Still no clues……Who the Hell brought the Entenmann’s?

Was it The Serial Killer?


Never wanting to look like the turd that just stopped at 7-11 on the way there for a  box of Entenmann’s donuts, we actually think about what would be nice. Last year I made my famous Buffalo Shrimp and home made Bleu Cheese Dressing. Famous? Yes! I was interviewed by NY Newsday as well as being featured on Long Island’s News 12 with this amazing delight.

Was it The Awesome Couple?


This year, upon their request, wifey and I brought a load of delicious garlic knots from Pompei Ristorante and Pizzeria in Rocky Point, once home of The Singing Pizza Man, Italian Bread from Prestano’s Bakery in Rocky Point (Best Italian bread on LI and some say NY), and fresh cannoli from Tilda’s Bake Shop in Rocky Point.

Was it the Photographer?


Some of the goodies that were available were a few pasta dishes, Penne A’ La Vodka, chicken parmesan, Chili, Chicken Marsala, and then the beers went to my head, but trust me……the food was excellent.

                                                                                                        Was it Daphne?

The dessert table was filled with home made cakes, treats, cookies, brownies, fresh cannolis, and 2 Entenmann’s items. One raspberry strudel and once old fashioned crumb cake. Nothing says. ” Thanks so much for this kick ass party, I know you must have spent Thousands”, than a box of Entenmann’s Classic Crumb cake.”

So, on that note I wanted to thank those that came with us for going out of their way by bringing some cool beers, offering to help and then there is the mystery of the cake. A very special thanks goes out to the mystery guest for going out of her/his way again and bringing not one but two boxes of Entenmann’s cakes that have most likely have been thrown Buy Generic pharmacy out by now as they were not even a close contender to the home made brownies, cookies, cakes, baklava and yes, a home made 3 tier wedding cake with fondant and a chocolate cake and raspberry filling. They say it’s the thought that counts. You can tell how much thought went into this one.

In addition to that, we brought various beers and most important, our love of a good time and thanks to a wonderful couple for opening up their homes to us and 200 other friends.

So who did bring the Entenmann’s? As Wise Old Owl says, “Some Things the World Will Never Know!”


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