Cooking Class at Brian Scott’s in Miller Place NY

For the past couple of weeks my buddy Marc and myself looked forward to Brian’s cooking demonstration. Marc went to the prestigious Johnson and Wales University but didn’t stay in that field so he really misses the conversations about food and cooking. Myself…food blogs, sites and passion. Love it.

On Sept 15, we arrived at 6:30 for a cocktail or two, or three at Brian Scott’s awaiting his first, hopefully of many, cooking demonstration and wine paring.

Originally it was supposed to be Grilling with Brian, but because of weather that didn’t want to cooperate, it became an inside gig.

As we checked in Brian greeted us, introduced us to a fellow food and then quickly came the creative cocktail of the evening, which Marc had them rename, The Jolly Rancher, as that is what it tasted like. Damn they went down easy……too easy.

After chatting, bullshitting and taking in the ambiance, we were directed to the main dining room. To create a more intimate atmosphere the group settled in front of the cooking station to see every slice, dice and detail of Chef Brian as he created 3 amazing dishes.

Uncle Brian’s Seafood Chowder, Striped Bass with a Chardonnay Basil Burre Blanc and for dessert, a Fresh Peach Strudel.

Uncle Brian’s Seafood Chowder. Definitely not for those of you on a low fat diet, but if you are on a diet that calls for the freshest seafood with the most amazing flavor followed by a dose of comfort, this chowder will rock your world. From the sizzle and amazing aroma of rendered bacon, carrots, onions, celery to the heavy cream to a list of fresh seafood including shrimp, cod, scallops and calamari, this quickly became my favorite soup. Creamy and buttery but not “chowdery” thick.

Striped Bass with a Chardonnay Basil Beurre Blanc As we were drinking our wine that was pared with the chowder, our waitress and Brian’s sister kyra, of ,, helped bring out this huge beautiful locally caught Striped Bass. The colors and textures were stunning and I could wait to have it on my plate. Sounds a bit barbaric eh? I told you I was passionate about cooking.

Already scaled in the kitchen, Brian sharpened his knives and schooled us on the proper way to fillet a fish. Within 2 minutes it was worthy of seasoning, flour, egg wash and then the pan. The sizzle, the smell the anticipation. Damn I was hungry. As the fish went from the pan into the oven the sauce was being made. Butter, butter, butter, heavy cream, lemon, basil, chardonnay..oh, did I mention butter? When in doubt add more butter. As this was being stirred he whipped up a nice batch of quinoa.  The masterpiece was ready to be assembled. First the quinoa, then the Striped Bass then that rich sauce. From the first bite we were all in, hook, line and sinker.

Fresh Peach Strudel

Freshly sliced peaches, sugar, cinnamon, wheat pizza dough with egg wash and sliced almonds. Sounds simple, yes. Easy to make, yes. Delicious, yes! As Brian rolled out the dough and rolled up the ingredients like a giant dessert burrito it seems too simple to be so delicious. Out of the oven, sliced onto our plates with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and fresh whipped cream, this was another success.

Sharing the room with us was a boisterous group of men from what I believe was the American Legion, or it could have been a group of guys that forgot their hearing aids at home that night. Their exuberance added to the energy of the evening as we all had a blast trying to make sure that we heard each other and that we took proper notes.

Brian was a wonderful host, we were all educated and had a wonderful evening.  I will keep you up to date when he is offering another class but if you want more info check it out for yourselves at

If you are interested in these recipes stay with me over the next few weeks as this class impacted me so that I will be personally recreating each recipe.

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