A food Bloggers Heaven. Part 1.

I love

For so many reasons….

Being a foodie is fun but being a food blogger is even more fun.
You get to experiment, try cool new things, foods and restaurants and share the experience.

I’m obsessed with the latest trends in food cultures, tastes, restaurants as well as the technology that makes it possible to create a great blog.

Everything from the right camera, smartphone, laptop to lighting equipment for that great shot…

But most importantly, I’m obsessed with  food.

Over the next couple to months, I’m going to be sharing with you about the equipment, items and food that I love and why I love them.

When I need something fast, at a great price and the comfort that it will be in stock, I Go to

It’s simple.

Google what you are looking for, but buy it on

Here’s a list of the latest items that I been looking at and/or have.

My Favorite food item today?

Cookie Butter.

Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter

Why? It’s as if shortbread cookies had a gang-bang with the gingerbread man and the end result was a delicious orgy of flavor in your mouth…this is Cookie Butter.

For the real description of what it is, click on the picture of the cookie butter.


Apple MacBook Pro MGX72LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop with Retina Display (NEWEST VERSION)

Why? Because it’s a beast of a laptop….can hold thousands of videos and pictures and turn on quicker than my girl…and I look damn good with it blogging at Starbucks.

My Favorite Piece of Kitchen Equipment:

Hamilton Beach 8 Quart Slow Cooker

Why? This sweet ass crock pot is a must have. You can pretty much throw anything into this, top it with some white wine, salt and pepper and set it for 8 hours and baam! you have a great meal.

It’s like a compost container that you eat from.

More reviews next week about cool gadgets and the tools I use to capture great pictures.

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