Thanksgiving Thoughts…

I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to give thanks to and so many things come to mind.

1) God, my family, friends and followers.

2) My access to fresh farm stands, veggies, fruits, artisanal cheeses, local honey and local caught fish.

3) The 34 or so wineries on Long Island that pour some delicious treats.

4) My continuing education.

Read on kids….read on……

I am teaching and educating everyday. Think about it…you are too.

When you interact with people in public …you are learning from them and they are learning from you.

They learn from the way you act, carry yourself and what you do by example..and vice versa.

I am constantly reading up on new technologies and trends in cooking and food science.

Going to new restaurants, speaking to chefs about their techniques and listening to the regulars as to why they are regulars.

Most importantly for me, I am constantly reading old cook books and using the internet for resources….this is where I found this amazing course called …Food Blogger Pro.

The course covers

Food Blogger Pro - Start and Grow your Food Blog

Had a great year of blogging and help by Food Blogger Pro

With your purchase of this, I may make a small commission to put towards the betterment of this blog.

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