Ray Charles Shucking Oysters in Port Jefferson?

It was a cool night down Port when my wife and I decided to go to The Catch Tavern for a cold seafood platter and salads. The summer is over but my love to summer foods are still strong. Hell, we’ve got another 2 seasons to to look forward to  soups and pastas and comfort food so I’m not getting rid of my white slacks and belt Buy Generic Cialis Online just because Labor Day has come and gone.

The Catch, run by the very capable hands of Mitch, is often a nice spot for fresh fried foods, awesome grilled seafood, the shore’s best lobster salads and usually some of the best bivalves.

Bivalve? What’s a bivalve? Is that like  a valve that likes to go both ways? or is that like what they say on Wheel of Fortune……I’d like to Buy a vowel..a bivalve?


Technically speaking, according to waterencyclopedia.com, ‘ Bivalves belong to the invertebrate phylum Mollusca, which also includes snails, squids, and octopuses. Some well-known bivalves include clams, scallops, mussels, and oysters. More than 15,000 species of bivalves exist. All bivalves are aquatic, encompassing both marine and fresh-water species. ‘

Anyway, I have been looking for a platter of those delicious Bluepoint babies for a while. Their briney flavor and sea air aromoa and velvet like feel as they touch your tongue. In the case of tonight those Bluepoint’s were not so briney, they were more like spiney.

As Mitch brought us to our patio table the waiter quickly followed to take a drink order. As he returned we were ready to order.

Iceberg Wedge Salad crumbled blue, smoked bacon and tomato and THE CATCH RAW BAR.

The Salad

The salad was a crisp plate of 2 huge ice berg halves with thinly sliced red onions, the most perfectly ripe beefsteak tomatoes I ever had and covered in a light creamy slightly vinegary bleu cheese dressing complete with chunks of quality bleu cheese. This salad is always consistently delicious.

The Raw Bar Platter

In this platter there are usually, Long Island Littleneck Clams, Blue Point Oysters, Jumbo Shrimp, Montauk Tuna Tataki and Naked Cowboy Oysters.  I opted for extra shrimp and oysters instead of the clams and mussells, “no problem”, our cordial waiter said.

So to make a long story short, the shrimp were delicious. Probably some of the best we’ve had, along with a homeade cocktail sauce and sweet wasabi sauce. The Montauk tuna tataki was fresh, delicious and fragrant with herbs and a sprinkle of European sea salt.

Now to the bad part of this review…… (Ominous music please……….)

4 of the oysters had more chips than a Chips Ahoy cookie. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy oysters while searching each one for shards of glass like shell.

As I told the waiter, he understood how that could suck but did nothing about it, until I indicated that I didn’t want to pay for a load of oysters that look as if they were shucked by Ray Charles.

He left to talk to Mitch and Mitch graciously removed the price of the salad from the meal.

By all means go to The Catch and have the oysters just look them over quickly before you slurp them down.

So here’s a funny tidbit about oysters.

Oysters are sequential hermaphrodites: that is, they are sperm producing males when young and then become female egg producers when older.

Aren’t you glad you know this now?

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