9/11 Memories that Will Never Be Forgotten.

Today’s blog post is not about food..it’s about respect and honor.

It was a cool Tuesday September morning as I arrived at work some 45 miles east of Manhattan. I was still invigorated by my NYC meeting just a week before when I stayed at the Wall Street Marriot…just minutes from the terror attacks.

I was confident, well dressed and ready to go. I just settled down at my desk with my usual everything bagel, lightly toasted and buttered, when I decided to surf online for a few minutes, then suddenly I heard a co-worker scream…“Oh, My God!”

I heard people talking about what happened, went to Yahoo News and read the latest story that made my heart slowly crawl up my throat.
The surprise, the terror, the anxiety…we were glued to our monitors. It was 8:46 am and an airplane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

As I frantically searched for my fiance to escort her out of our high profile building with 2,500 others, I came across a conference room filed with a meeting going on. I opened the door and , as if I had any authority, I demanded that they leave now. The under qualified manager, J. Dzenawager shouted..”if anyone leaves, you’re fired.” After I told him that we are at war and to F$%k himself…I left without looking back.

I exited the office and hit the road in my, then fiance’s, 66 Mustang..sans radio, so I had no idea what was going on. I was driving in front of her and couldn’t wait to get home, hold her, hug my dog, watch TV and wait for telephone lines to work again.

That day the world changed forever.
The world was no longer inside this protective bubble.
We were on high alert.

On that day we lost one of the most amazing restaurants the world has seen.

Windows on the World, a NY institution, lost 72, out of 450 of it’s employees.

Please view this video where Chef Michael Lomanaco describes what happened that day, in his eyes.

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