Road House Brick Oven Pizza Riverhead, NY

roadhouse pizza riverhead

You’re lost on Eastern Long Island. Driving aimlessly looking for The Hamptons, Main Street in Riverhead, the Outlets or you just got off the wrong exit on the traffic circle from Hell and you just want to get to your destination.

But the problem is the lack of culinary choices. Sure, if you want Pizza Hut, find your way back to the traffic circle of Hell and you’re good to go, but you have worked up an appetite and don’t want any of that crap they serve up at the Tanger outlets……

Let me introduce you to The Roadhouse.

No silly……not this road house….

This Roadhouse…The Roadhouse Brick Oven Pizza. They have better cheese.

Located on the winding part of Rt. 25 at 1111 W. Main Street in Riverhead, The Road House sits in front of  a serene pond full of geese and ducks just waiting for your crust to accidentally end up in the water.

Once you step inside The Roadhouse, all preconceived notions of a dumpy roadhouse leave your mind. This is a comfortable family establishment with a history of serving fresh salads, home made desserts and excellent pizza.

The Pizza Menu

This is where it gets good……

My choice was the Sicilian. This was a thick crust, pan style circular tray of happiness. Simply stated, the pizza is delicious. Slightly smokey crispy crust, topped with a thick delicious savory tomato sauce and covered with the right amount of salty mozz cheese.

Classic..the way I remember great Sicilian pizza to be. This was the closest pizza to that of The Original Umberto’s in New Hyde Park, NY. The hallmark for what all pizza should look up to.

Other awesome looking pizzas include the following:

Tomato Pesto: thinly sliced tomato, mozzarella and pesto.

Chicken or Eggplant Parm Pizza: Sauce, ricotta, romano and mozzarella cheese with eggplant or chicken.

Roadhouse Special: For meat or veggie heads with your choice of 5 toppings.

Pan Style Pizza

Rustica: Plum tomatoes, mozzarella, provolone and romano cheese.

Buffalo Chicken: A classic pan style or thin crust pizza with chicken breast chunks, Buffalo sauce and a little bit of blue cheese dressing. Awesome…..have the beer ready for this one baby!

BBQ Chicken Grilled chicken breast chunks, caramelized onions and a sweet and smokey BBQ sauce.

Salad Pizzas

There are 5 salad pizzas and one looked better than the other. Check out their Greek Salad pizza, Cesar Salad Pie, Taco Salad Pie, Gorgonzola Pie and the popular Fiesta Salad Pizza, complete with grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and ranch dressing.

Let me tell you….not only did the food taste great , it looked wonderful. From the crisp salads, to the wraps and heros to the specialty pies to the wonderful home made desserts. You can’t go wrong.

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