Castle Hill Inn. New Port Rhode Island’s Foodie Paradise. Part 1.

castlehill strawberries

Working seven days a week can really wear you out and tear you apart so when it comes time to take a vacation, it better be good.

As a foodie couple we wanted to go somewhere fun, relaxed and somewhere that we didn’t have to waste hours in travel, so Newport seemed like the perfect choice.  A seaside town with nautical flair known for its rich history of exhuberance, conspicious consumption and damn good seafood.

After much research we decided to stay at Castle Hill Inn and Resort and what a great decision that was.

From the moment we reached the property, we were greeted at a security booth and directed up the hill to the valet. As we walked walked throught the large oak door way we felt as if we were home. Ok, not our home but a sweet ass home right out of The Great Gatsby.

On our first night we were staying in one of the beach cottages. Private, comfortable and my temporary slice of Heaven, complete with a wonderful tray of fresh strawberries, fresh cream and brown sugar. Incredible.

Now this, I could get used to.

Tea Time at Castle Hill

Looking at my phone I noticed that is was 2 pm. 2 pm, why did that alarm me? Shit…only one hour left for the famous Castle Hill high tea. Anxiously I awaited by the door and quickly ushered my wife out and up the hill to the main house for tea time.

The nicest tea lady took care of us everyday by bringing crustless tuna or egg salad sandwiches, savory treats, amazing desserts and educated us on the many teas that she served.

Every day we enjoyed breakfast in the main house and then spent out time sight seeing, snacking and walking around town until tea time rolled around again.

Castel Hill is  known for it’s service, food and spectacular wine selection.

Breakfast was something I dreamed about. In addition to the menu, we were told that we could order anything we wanted. “Anything?, I asked..”Yes, anything.”  “Seared tuna?”..”Yes!”  “Grilled cheese?” “Yes. again anything.” Wow!

My decision……Lobster Hash. That’s right….Lobster “Friggin” Hash, and it was incredible.

Lobster Hash with Chive Creme Fraiche

Local farm eggs, poached to perfection on top of a nest of lobster hash and a side of artisinal whole grain bread made this a breakfast you want to take your time with.

Every forkful came with an accompanying “Oh my God” …or ” You gotta be kidding” or just a couple of grunts or lovingly inspired sounds.

It seemed to be almost a crime as my fork broke the yoke to this perfect pillow.  The gold liquid enveloped my utensil and then made it’s way to my mouth, as on auto-pilot. Over and over again. I was hooked on bite one.

With ample amounts of lobster, the hash was not over powered by its red bliss potatoes or spices. It was simple yet complex. A true culinary oxy-moron.

Other note worthy breakfast choices included the delicious seasonal fruit salad as well as omlettes with fresh local eggs locally made sausage and countless other choices.

After hours of walking, sight seeing and trying to forget the demands of the electronically conneted world, we worked up an appetite so we asked a local where to go for casual eats with a good vibe and cold beer. “The Pier, no doubt, The Pier.”

Raw Bar at The Pier

As we walked in we were pleasantly greeted by the sounds of adult laughter, the vibe of a great time, the smell of garlic and the allure of the 2 best seats around this huge bar.

As we settled in to this wonderfully air conditioned oasis we were cheerfully greeted by our bartender/server. She made some suggestions, I ordered my local Newport Storm Ale, my wife a diet coke and we purused the offerings on this huge menu.

We chose a bit of this and that from the raw bar. A few local oysters well as some colossal shrimp cocktail and a couple of Jonas Crab Claws.

Nothing like a few cold beers and a raw bar appetizer to get you started but unfortunately the shrimp were not colossal, the crab claws seems dehydrated and lacked meat and there were no local oysters, just Blue Point, which I can get all the time, as they are local from Long Island. …but the cocktail sauce was great and the oysters were fresh and hit the spot.

Shrimp and Grits

For our lunch we split the Shrimp and Grits and the classic Cesar Salad.

The salad was simple yet wonderful. Crisp iceberg, creamy dressing with grilled shrimp. Nice.

The Shrimp and Grits were refreshing and filling. With leaks, mushrooms and lightly sauteed shrimp over a creamy bed of grits…..I was a happy camper.

Classic Cesar Salad

After our lunches we would make it a habit to exercise off our meal just to gear up for the next one. A little shopping, resting, holding hands, appeciating all that we have….man, that’s tiresome stuff so back to the room for a little rest.

And the most delicious, buttery chocolate chip cookies you ever had.

After sometime back at the room, which was you will see shortly, my wife told me to explore the grounds and find the bar. In other words…let me nap for a while so get out of here. I’m sure she said other stuff too, but when your wife tells you to explore the bar…….nothing else matters after that. Are you with me guys??????

The bar at Castle Hill

Just like the restaurant, the service and food at the bar is top knotch. The bartenders are funny, knowledgable and make great drink. And, the Red Sox were playing almost everytime I was there. That’s alot of baseball.

Newport Storm on Tap

Oysters Rockefeller on a Bed of Salt.

These tiny oysters packed a flavorful punch with in each bite. Cheesy, savory and slightly briney. A work of art.

Homemade Potatoe Chips with Sea Salt

Light, airy lattice cut fries with sea salt. Not your average bar grub.

Potato Croquettes

Whipped, seasoned and delicious. Lightly fried and needing to find the recipe.

Quickly down to the great lawn to say good night to the sun and good evening to the moon.

Goodnight Newport……until next time.

Don’t forget Part 2 next week.

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