Gordon Ramsay Pissed Again! Oceana Restaurant New Orleans, LA.


The very talented Gordon Ramsay once again graces the landscape of the  New Orleans, NOLA, Nawlins, The Big Easy.

This time  he was challenged more than I have seen in a long time.  The culprits, 2 brothers. Rami and Moe.

No, I promise they are not the reincarnated sons of Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay, but a less malevolent goofy duo that were more interested in looking like Israeli mafia than restaurateurs.


Let me cut to the 3 best Kitchen Nightmare’s highlights right away……


  (1) Executive Chef Damon, aka, Twitchy, Tourettes lookin, red faced, sweaty bastard fowl mouthed  jib jab stepped up to Gordon in a sweaty mess of insecurity and  insults. Lying directly to Gordo he tells him that the food is cooked daily, the indredients are fresh and the kitchen realy is clean.

Upon further inspection, Big G finds a mess of goop, slop, feces and even 3 dead and decaying mice carcases in the rodent trap. And ofcourse the usual slew of unsanitary conditions that he no doubt will find in the walk-in.

The brothers Grimm are shocked at how much “chef” Damon is wasting on seafood that they finally see the light, have a sit down and fire his freckled ass. Damn…I thought he was going to slice them up like nova lox.

(2) Big brother Vito, I mean Usay, I mean Rocco…damn, I mean big bro Moe, in a pms type silent rage essentially threatens Gordon to the camera by saying……

“We got swamps here. Anyone talk like that get chopped up and fed to the aligators.”  Moe


Really? What’s up with all the tough guys in the world. Damn, the insecurity is insane.

(3)  And yes, we come to the third best highlight. It’s a recurring theme, one we see in almost every episode of Kitchen Nightmare’s……

Gordon vommitting. That’s right, Gordo pukes again or comes close with a gag scare. Damn, for a man who has eaten almost everything he sure has a sensitive stomach.

I tell ya,  Gordon vomits or gags more than Meatloaf cries on The Apprentice.


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