John Harvard’s Brew House. Lake Grove, NY

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”.  Benjamin Franklin

It was a night to celebrate our friend Erica’s birthday. A surprise party for her 37th birthday at John Harvard’s Brew House. As we arrived with Marc, the boyfriend & guy who arranged it, he asked to be directed to the room for Erica’s surprise birthday party. The host said, “Erica? You’re here for Maria’s party, right? There’s not a party for Erica.!”

After Marc shit a brick the confusion was cleared and we were brought in the back to a private room. Nothing special, just a room in the back of the restaurant with old fashioned crooked pictures of hunting dogs in the forrest adorning the wall.   It kind of looked like the library in an 80′s movie like Trading Places or something but it was cozy and did the trick.

Even though we only had 9 people they said they set it up for 20…hmmmm, as if we couldn’t do the math.

Eric greeted us in our private room, took some drink appetizer & orders and before we knew it, 4 pitches of my choice appeared next to the platters of Calamari fra Diavlo, Boneless Buffalo Tenders & Warm Spinach & Artichoke Dip.

I’ve been here before and I have never been too impressed with the dining options but this time I was pleasently surprised.

I got the Salmon and Sweet Sauce over the tender Quinoa. I couldn’t believe it, the salmon was roasted to perfection, seasoned perfectly, did not have a speck of skin or fatty crap on it and infact rivaled salmon I had at Paces and Vintage Steakhouse….for a third of the price.

We also had the Talpia Stuffed with Crab Meat. The talapia was cooked perfectly and yes, Propecia cheap was stuffed with the fake crab meat mixture……krab. It was still quite good and I couldn’t be surprised as 90% of all restaurants use this stuff as filler.

The calamari appetizer was crispy, even though it was accompanied by a chunky, sweet & spicy fra di avlo sauce, the boneless wings were solid white meat and hot & the Spinach Artichoke dip was fresh & delicious.

Our server was pleasant & helpful and kept the beer flowing like a cascading waterfall over our parched lips.

Long story short, I would come back again with a focus on the food and not just for the home brew, which is awesome.

Eric’s service was tight, as the kid’s say. He was on the ball and had fun with us as a bunch of 30 something’s blew up balloons, thre confetti, took pictures & got loud & drunk.

Good times……good times.

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