Lombardi’s Market. A Culinary Wet Dream in a Nightmare of Mock Italian Fare

cheese.jpg From the moment you step into Lombardi’s Market in Holbrook NY you would swear that you are in a market in Manhattan. I was so impressed with almost everything that came into my sight and across my nose.

“Lombardi’s Market is a gourmet market offering a wide selection of gourmet food and food gifts with an exceptional selection of domestic, imported and private label artisanal products. Some our fine selections of gourmet foods include cheese, spreads, oils, bread, pasta, our very own Italian pasta sauces, marmalades, chocolates, nuts, fresh baked goods, specialty drinks like Sarsaparilla, Express Coffee Soda, Italian Soda, Orzata Syrup, and so more items for you to explore.”


The product is all homeade with the highest quality ingredients and at a VERY fair price. You will be amazed at how many items are in this Foodie Paradise. If you cannot find something that makes your mouth water you most likely have no pulse, have rotting flesh, suffer from erectile disfunction and are a zombie. Harsh? Yes but you must be the walking dead if your heart doesn’t skip a beat here.

Choose from a tempting display of sweets at the bakery/ coffee bar, have them toss a freshly made tossed salad, heat up a custom panini, hot entree, hero or stop by the olive bar and take some home for later.

They also have a wonder butcher dept, deli as well as premium olive oils and hard to find seasonings.

I may be jaded but I frequent this place about 3 times a week….and find something new upon each return.

Located where the old Medford Post office was situated now stands a bit of Little Italy just shy 60 miles east of it.

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