Jerry and the Mermaid. Riverhead, NY.


Food I would kill for.

Well, perhaps not kill, but seriously maim or disfigure.

When you are out on The East End ( of Long Island) and have an appetite for a relaxed place to go, where the cool waters send breezes by your table and the vibe is always ultra relaxed, stop by Jerry and The Mermaid.

Hell, it’s worth the trip from anywhere on the island. Forget Fire Island and Shelter Island. Save the ferry money and apply it to the addicting buffalo shrimp or buffalo wings, that I know that you will be ordering more than one serving.

If you are looking for that typical “Out East”, non- attentive, snobby, loafers and no socks, fake boobs, $18 martini type of experience please do not come to Jerry’s. I’m sorry but they do not serve up that stuff. ( Except for the boobs part. That’s acceptable anywhere.)


If you are looking for simple foods with complex flavors and a nice Jimmy Buffet/Nautical TGI Friday’s groove, then by all means, go to Jerry’s.

Jerry’s Buffalo Wings

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Serious wings for serious eaters. They juicy nuggets of Heaven must have been plucked from the most deliciously plump chickens available. Fried to a delicious crisp, they are then amply coated with your choice of sauces.

Just generic hot, mild and medium? No way. You want wings of shit? Go to Hooters. Wings of shit. Makes no sense but it’s funny.

Jerry soaks the wings in their homeade sauces. Mild, medium or hot. But, whatever one you choose…you will not be disappointed.  If you are a blah wuss then they can still soak them in Frank’s Hot Sauce. (only kidding)

Oysters Rockefeller

Ok, the picture does not do the dish justice but believe me when I tell you that they are in the top 2 of the best Oyster’s Rockefeller that I have ever had…..and yes, I have had them more than twice..( wise ass.)

Named after John D. Rockefeller, after the richness of the sauce, with one bite, you will be taken back to a time where food was skillfully prepared and simply artfully plated.

What is it? Simply stated, it’s a baked oyster dish topped with sauteed spinach, butter, garlic, butter, shallots, butter and pernod ( an anise flavored liquer)  in an almost cheesy consistency. Oh, yeah……I almost forget the butter.

My all time favorite thing at Jerry and The Mermaids is……

Buffalo Shrimp.

They use very large shrimp, coated in a delicious seasoned breading, fried to perfection and soaked in this delicious sauce, the same ones used for the wings. The coating holds on the sauce and, and, and is actually making my mouth water as I type.

I choose the mild because I feel it is the perfect blend of sweet molasses and pepper heat. Paired with their own blue cheese dressing, carrot and celery…..I declare that this is, indeed, a food to hurt for.

My Personal Rules While at Jerry’s……

I have some simple rules when I am at feasting on Buffalo Shrimp at Jerry’s.

I am so busy enjoying and savoring my shrimp that I really get into it. Fingers, hands and face covered in sauce. Beer bottle covered in sauce. Anything that crosses my path get’s covered in sauce. Note: Go to the bathroom before eating these. Some things you really don’t want covered in sauce……unless you drive that kind of kinky route.

1) Do not talk to me!

2) Do not expect me to pass you the salt!

3) Don’t ask me to take a picture.

Now  get to Jerry’s and get dirty!

Jerry & the Mermaid

469 East Main Street Riverhead, NY 11901 (631)727-8489.

At the Treasure Cove Marina next to Atlantis Aquarium.

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