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Sherwood House Vineyard Tasting Room Mattituck NY

sherwood basket

It was a cold slow Saturday in January. The excitement of the holidays was gone but the frigid winter air was rolling in. My wife and I had the day off, which is an anomaly, and we really wanted to do something fun and relaxing. Living on Long Island we love to take advantage of [...]

New Year’s Eve 2010 A Man in the Kitchen Style


New Year’s Eve 2010 was a very special one this year. I like to think it is very special every year but this year seemed especially special. Is that even proper grammar? Any way, New year’s eve is always a time to celebrate with good friends and loved ones over good food and good drink [...]

Winter Dinner in Montauk

montauk lighthouse

It was pretty much a last minute thought, but my wife asked if I wanted to go to Montauk for an overnight. “Hmmm, let me get back to you”, I said. A full 6 seconds later I said, “Hellz yeah!” What’s to think about? A great cottage over looking the ocean, 2 bottles of wine, [...]