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Carnivals, Fairs and Dangerously Delicious Foods.


There’s nothing like a carnival. The sounds of the carnies alluring you to their booths so that you can possibly win an unattainable prize, the sites of the roller coasters and children’s smiles, lighting up the area brighter than a spot light and the smells of the delicious array of fried goodies just waiting to [...]

New Year’s Eve 2011 Dinner Party. Simple and Satisfying.


Ok kids, This friggin year is finally over and that means a lot. We’ve all had our share of crap happen in 2011 as well as some awesome things. You may be saying….”Awesome things? Are you cooking with that wine or drinking it?” Well let me tell you all about it as well as the [...]

How to Please Your Wife in Under 6 Minutes

Ok, the title of this post is misleading and frankly, not too impressive. However, culinarily speaking the title is quite appropriate.       Please……read on.