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Gordo Does it Again But We Got F#@KED Out of Our Reservations

It was 2 hours before our much anticipated dinner at Gordo’s latest experiment, The Handlebar Restaurant, and some arrogant twit from the production called with the bad news. “Sorry, you are shit out of luck. We gave your reservation away”. Well, he didn’t exactly say that but he might as well have. After going back [...]

Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares Hits Long Island Again

Yup, that crazy, arrogant, millionaire celeb-demonic chef graces the island again and this time he is at the Handlebar Restaurant in Mt. Sinai, NY. I went there the other day and it was really interesting. Camera crews running around, people “shushing” us whenever a loud laugh was heard and a frantic stressed out group of [...]

Happy New Year -Buon Anno

My God, another year has come and gone and there still so much good food and drink to be consumed. The thing I really hate about New Year’s Eve is the decision of where to eat. I mean, $125 for a shitty 3-course meal that normally would cost you $40? Gimme a break. Being in the mood for a [...]