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The Grind Cafe, Wading River.


What do Ducks, Home made Pretzel Bread and Church bells at Noon Have to Do with Anything? You are near the Grind Cafe. Off the beaten path is where you will find The Grind Cafe, but it’s quite easy to get there so pay attention. If you’re on your way to Phil’s Place on Wading [...]

Long Island Restaurant Week April 22-29, 2012.


Long Island’s Annual Spring Restaurant Week is back kid’s and it is better than before, April 22-29, 2012. From Sunday to Sunday you get a 3-course prix fixe dinner for only $24.95 per person all night long, except for Saturday when it stops at 7PM. ** Keep in mind that your servers work on tips [...]

New Year’s Eve 2011 Dinner Party. Simple and Satisfying.


Ok kids, This friggin year is finally over and that means a lot. We’ve all had our share of crap happen in 2011 as well as some awesome things. You may be saying….”Awesome things? Are you cooking with that wine or drinking it?” Well let me tell you all about it as well as the [...]