So, How did I become a man in the kitchen and why should you subscribe to
this, the most amazing food blog ever?  Well, I’ll tell you.

My love for cooking is a journey that I have been on for 30 somewhat years.

From mom’s Lemon Amaretto Chicken, that she used 1/2 cup of lemon juice
instead of 2 tbsp (go figure) to Mama Tinelli’s most unforgettable tomato
sauce, back in the mid 80′s to watching my Mema (grandma) cook her
trademark sauteed zucchini/squash and amazing French inspired recipes of

From the failed celebrity owned restaurants like Grandpa Munster’s,
Grampa’s Bella Gente in Greenwich Village to finding the best falafel
stand on the street.

From Oysters and Chowdah in Boston to almost throwing up from the look of
Scrapple in New Jersey.

I’ve made it through the funky concoctions of molecular gastronomy that
was called, foam to the always disgusting Kosher Cannoli.

From Pizza in Brooklyn to Pizza in Kenya, Africa …I’ve eaten at some very
memorable places……but nothing stays as fresh in my mind and in my
heart more than personal experiences that I have had with food, family and

Whether you get drunk on wine and have visions of Dionysus or you get
drunk in the passion and experience of eating and sharing stories, I
invite you to come back often, submit stories and pictures so we can take
this trip together.


P.S. Sometimes we have contests where you can win Amazon gift cards or cool cookbooks and we also like to recommend products now and then. We may get compensation if you click and buy..but this doesn’t alter our blogging awesomeness.