God Bless America. Happy Independence Day.


232 Years of declaring independence from the kingdom of Great Britain. Freedom is pretty sweet.

I didn’t really feel too much like about food today, infact I have been working since 6:30 A.M. and now it’s almost midnight.

It’s not about hot dogs, hamburgers or potato salad.

It’s not about the extra day off from work, the sleeping late or getting to the dock early.

It’s not even about your early morning Starbucks, the slight chance of rain or the charcoal you forgot to buy.

It’s about freedom, giving thanks and living as well as we can.

I wish people would really see the meaning behind the celebration and fireworks. You teach your children to stay away from firecrackers and the hot B.B.Q., why not tell them the reason why we are celebrating?

Ask anyone under the age of 20 what the meaning of the 4th of July is and I would bet you that they don’t even know or they give you some half-ass answer.

As I dragged my butt out of bed, a zombie with 5 hours of sleep, I made a stop at my local coffee stop. My friend behind the counter was working a 15 hour Generic pills whithout prescription shift. Not because he wants to , but because he has a new born, believes in his business and has a dream. “Happy Independence Day and God Bless!”, he calls out as I am leaving. “It’s good to be American”. “It sure is”, I said. Sultan recently became a US citizen.

All in all, even with milk and gas at $4.50 a gallon, salmonella infected tomatoes and things sometimes really being difficult…take the time to smile, hug the dog, bring a beer over to your neighbor, drop in church on a day other than Christmas and call your mom.

We have freedom and we need to thank those that have fought and sacrificed so much so that we may have it. FREEDOM to live, FREEDOM to express and FREEDOM to tell it like it is.

So where is the food related discussion? OK, here it is. I had too many cups of coffee, 7 bottles of water, 1/2 of a baguette, a few wisconsin cheese curds and just finished a delightfully cold beer.

Just some food for thought! Cheers!

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