Montauk Long Island Eateries Part 1


Second House Tavern at the old Ruschmeyer’s Estate in Montauk is the hottest new restaurant Generic pills in Montauk and perhaps The Hamptons.

In its past life it was Ruschmeyer’s for many years. It’s old, stale cuisine and decor was finally put to sleep and was recently reborn in March 08.

As soon as you step inside you feel as if you entered a more modern Vermont ski lodge. The old dark wood has been stripped down and replaced with beautiful oak and you have no choice but to look around in awe at the beautiful changes that have taken place here.

Simple white candles adorn each table and the buzz of the crowd echoes throughout the rafters from the restaurant side to the more casual pub side. The menu for the restaurant side is slightly different than that of the pub side but only by an item or two, so don’t feel as if you are going to get gypped out of something if you decide to eat bar side.
The menu touts delicious offerings that are so far from the old cardiac arrest fish and chips and cement meatloaf.

Because we were in town for The St. Pat’s parade, drinking and eating extravaganza, we didn’t want to have a full dinner but needed some real comfort food to get us back on track. The extensive menu had some delicious looking choices but the following three are the ones that screamed out at us right away.

To cut the chill I though that soup would be the best idea. Not today. The Tuscan Tomato Soup was quite disappointing. It lacked cream, sweetness and essentially tasted as if there was too much tomato puree in the recipe and not enough salt. To make up for the soup being a complete miss, the Mac & Cheese Carbonara did not disappoint.

Elbow pasta smothered in three cheeses. White cheddar, Romano cheese and mascarpone as well as fresh green peas and apple wood bacon.

The smoky aroma came out before the dish. A magnificent bubbling plate of memories was placed before me. It reminded me of my mom’s mac and cheese but …who and I kidding. My childhood Mac and Cheese came from a blue and yellow box, just like yours did.

This delight could not compare, it had to have been one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. Creamy, slightly Smokey, buttery and quite filling. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the dish was seasoned to perfection. The dish went back to the kitchen spotless, without a morsel left on it.

Our final dish was The Lobster Sliders. Simple lobster salad on a soft Marty’s Hot Dog bun mixed with the flavors of Daikon, shaved celery and mixed with a creamy scallion aioli. Simplicity is perfection. Some places out east, especially those that are “famous” for their “Lobster Rolls”, don’t even use fresh lobster and they use fillers like Krab salad. Gimme a friggin break. They charge $15 and give you frozen lobster asses and shredded, processed pollack and white fish….but, Not The Second House Tavern.

As an appetizer, or as they say..Hors D’ Oeuvre, 2 small buns came out on the plate. They were surprisingly filling and left me wanting to take some to go.

As Meatloaf sang, “2 out of 3 Aint Bad”. At The Second House Tavern at Ruschmeyer’s, 2 out of 3 were amazing and I cannot wait to go back.

Here’s what I will try the next time:

Crispy Calamari and Rock Shrimp. I need to see if they can make it right and I think they can.

Brandade Cake. Baccala and potato cakes with garlic, pommery mustard, red onion relish and cornichons.

For an entree, Crispy #1 Tuna. Flash fried with Shishito peppers, a vegetable summer roll and teriyaki glaze.
Some other cool dishes are Second House Steak Tartar, Grilled Chicken Pillard and Slow Roasted Short Ribs to name a few.
I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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