Grumpy Jack’s Sports Bar & Restaurant

jacks.jpg No wonder Jack is grumpy…the food and service suck. But why is he so grumpy?

You don’t know Jack….or perhaps you do. Going into the bar you cannot stop and wonder if this pretty bar was purchased with the help of $150,000 missing Super Bowl bucks. Don’t know what I mean then click on the url below for the story:

Looking for a new and exciting place with great food and atmosphere, don’t look beyond the bar. Let me make one thing clear. I do not go out looking for problems but when restaurants, specialty shops, pizzerias, etc. If I have issues I am going to report about them just like I will tell you about all of the positive that came out of the experience.

The turkey burger came to the table with a sponge like bun, full of grease and some kind of residue that reminded me of White Castle’s steamed burgers. And back it went. When our waiter was made aware of the issue and saw the soppy burger leaking onto the fries, not one apology was uttered. “Well, what do ya want?”, was all he said.

The next meal was the ENGLISH STYLE FISH N CHIPS
“Fresh” beer battered cod served with fried potato chips and coleslaw.

I think “fresh” is Gaelic for frozen. This may have been one of the all time worst meals. Imgagine this. A hotdog bun stuffed with a frozen fish stick, smothered in batter and deep fried in oil that has seen every fryable piece of animal flesh without being changed. You get what looks like an oblong zepole. But instead of powdered sugar you get a generic tartar sauce.

The same time that the turkey burger was sent back it was requested that this was to be exchanged as well. The waiter left only to reappear 15 minutes later asking one person in the party if the table wanted any drinks.

Not being able to find the waiter I asked one of the “blondies” that worked the tables. He never showed up, the food was never exchanged, she evidently forgot she spoke with me twice as well as forgetting to bring our bread, water, sauce, extra napkins, e.t.c.

Note: Never smiling, asking how we are or checking up on your table DOESN’T make us want to leave a 25% tip.

Next was the FRIED SHRIMP WRAP with lettuce and tartar sauce. Factory breaded frozen shrimp, iceberg lettuce and tartar sauce from a 5 gallon bucket.What else can I say?

The one meal that almost was aceptable was the fish special. Grilled Swordfish Scampi with Steamed Brocolli. The swordfish was fresh and grilled to perfection but it was smothered in the scampi sauce. The brocolli was freshly steamed and tasty. I really enjoyed this one.

Ok, here is the good about Grumpy Jack’s. The bar is great. The bartenders are nice, cordial and they have a great happy hour. 1/2 price on all drinks. There is a very nice vibe and energy around the Online Generic pills bar.

Go and check it out. Grab a half price beer and enjoy some apps. As for dinner, you have been warned.

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  1. Shaunte Schorn says:

    I wish I’d found your site ages ago, I loved reading your posts. Eating is more fun reading your blog.

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