The Spotted Pig


On a quiet corner West Village corner of Greenwich and W. 11th you will find, what locals call, “The Pig”.

Marked as the first official Gastropub in the New York, a seemingly local tavern with a french country motif with a delicious aroma encompass the entire establishment.

Walking through the city on a rainy Wednesday, it was 35 degrees and miserable out. It seemed as if Spring was no where in sight but atleast my sights were set on a meal and some relaxation.

From the moment we walked in the door at we were greeted by a friendly hostess who said thay we could sit anywhere we wanted. Tables were VERY close together, with about 8 inches of space inbetween each one. I sat on the cushioned bench along side the window and my guest sat across me on the tiny stool. The seating would have been perfect for the Keebler elves but ont the best for someone who is over 6 feet tall.

The cordial waiter came over within 30 seconds of us sitting down and offered us water as well as offer a drink before our meal.

My friend John started off with a glass of Morellino di Scansano La Mozza “I Perazzi” and I was at a loss for what beverage to have so our waiter brought me back a nice sized sample of Victory Pilsner. Delicious, mellow and ice cold. Yum! So I had 2, then they didn’t taste that great after I found out that they were $15 each.

Immediately, Deviled Eggs popped out of the menu. 2 tiny nibblets that reminded me of quail eggs appeared on my plate

I was turned off by the miniscule size but the flavor was amazing. The delicious combination of fresh herbs, dried mustard combined perfectly with the memory of my mom’s deviled eggs brought me back to a simpler time.

As an entree we had the Braised Short Ribs and Sheep’s Ricotta Gnudi with Brown Butter & Sage.

The short ribs were so tender a spoon could cut through them. Delicious with a sweet demiglace and on top of a piece of sour dough bread that acted as a flavor sponge. The Sheep’s Ricotta Gnudi can only be described as cheesy pillows from Heaven. Every bit was better than the last. This is no joke. This was most likely the best thing that I have eaten. So rich, fluffy and flavorful.

The Pig is partly owned by Mario Batali. There is not one bit of evidence of this obese red head’s flair inside except for the prices.

$17 for a hamburger? Hey, perhaps it’s worth? Perhaps next time.

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3 Responses to “The Spotted Pig”

  1. Public says:

    there is rumor of a English style “true” gastropub opening in stony brook… Can anyone confirm this??? Any chef updates?? Million dallor venture??

  2. admin says:

    No “GastroPubs” set to be revealed in the Three Village Area. If anyone has seen or hears anything different please post!
    I am from the 3 Village Area and know all of the eating establishments.
    The Handlebar in Mt. Sinai has been self-proclaimed as “L.I.’s First and Only Gastropub.” They started slacking already.

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