“What Do You Feel Like For Dinner?”…She Asks…

p1010740.JPG “What do you feel like for dinner?”..she asks.

Wow, my wife never asks what I want ¬†for dinner because I usually have to cook dinner. I was just thrilled that she offered. “Fish”, I said. I was really in the mood for fish. I guess I assumed that she would make tuna salad because she never cooks and really doesn’t know how to cook. (OR that’s what she has claimed¬†over the last few years.)

Thinking that I would come home to a light snack, perhaps tuna on toast or a nice tuna salad over greens…BUT NO. This is what I got.

A tv dinner of fish sticks, macaroni and cheese and chocolate pudding.

My expectations sank as I saw this steamed plate of limp fish by-product, ass meal..pasta with some kind of yellow, mucus-like sauce sitting next to the poorest excuse for chocolate pudding.

This is the 2nd meal wifey has made for me. The first is a breakfast attempt that is in an old post.

Oh, so disappointed. Young Grasshopper, where did I go wrong?

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