“What Do You Feel Like For Dinner?”…She Asks…

p1010740.JPG “What do you feel like for dinner?”..she asks.

Wow, my wife never asks what I want  for dinner because I usually have to cook dinner. I was just thrilled that she offered. “Fish”, I said. I was really in the mood for fish. I guess I assumed that she would make tuna salad because she never cooks and really doesn’t know how to cook. (OR that’s what she has claimed over the last few years.)

Thinking that I would come home to a light snack, perhaps tuna on toast or a nice tuna salad over greens…BUT NO. This is what I got.

A tv dinner of fish sticks, macaroni and cheese and chocolate pudding.

My expectations sank as I saw this steamed plate of limp fish by-product, ass meal..pasta with some kind of yellow, mucus-like sauce sitting next to the poorest excuse for chocolate pudding.

This is the 2nd meal wifey has made for me. The first is a breakfast attempt that is in an old post.

Oh, so disappointed. Young Grasshopper, where did I go wrong?

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