Wine Day. 4Seasons Wine Delivery from Laithwaits Wines.

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A magical day it was and a huge disapointment all at the same time.  It was a lovely Fall Saturday, 9:15 am ,I stepped out and noticed a little sticker on my door. Upon further inspection I noticed that it was a little blue, white and orange sticker. Yup, FedEx. but wait……when did they come here?

7 am? NO!  8:15, NO! 8:33?, NO!NO!NO! 9:01 am?? WTF?? 9:01 am, I was in the kitchen making coffee and this prick couldn’t even knock on the door? So immediately I ran for the phone. After being on hold for what seemed to be an eternity, Rosie Perzez answered. We’ll it probably wasn’t Rosie Perez but it sure sounded like her, but more annoying.

“Well, JuKnow, da drivah wil be back Tuesday sobe dere”, she says. “Come again!!!!”, I exclaimed. So in her increasingly annoying voice she repeated it and I felt as if I was chewing on foil listeing to someone scrape a fork against a chalk board.

So ofcourse, she said she would see if the driver could stop by again and “Jez, he gots your chellphone.”

With that being said, I picked up my box of lovin at the nearest Fed Ex store, only 16 miles away.

I was waiting and waiting and then the day came. I anxiously entered the store, got my huge package……that’s right, I said “my huge package”. Jealous? My huge package of wine was handed to me and I was off.

As I got home, my lovely wife who took the iniative to order this box of love, opened up the box.  Could you believe that when I opened it rainbows shot out of the box, confetti streamed out, the sounds of horns on high and a heavenly chior sounded as I opened up each flap. Oh, the anticipation was incredible as I threw out cardboard chunk after cardboard chunk. Then paydirt. Bottle after bottle appeared.

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15 bottles wine in all. 1 delicious red after another until there was nothing in the box but possibilities. Cool, huh?

How would you like a regular supply of wines you can trust … quality and value guaranteed, new things to try and enough information to help you pick the right bottle every time? 4 Seasons offers you exactly that, starting with an introductory 12-bottle case … yours for under $6 a bottle. Actually, in this promotion we got 15 bottles for a crazy low price of $99.

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