Holiday Leftovers Can Make a Great Dinner

The holidays mave have come and gone but the flavors are still alive and kicking in my kitchen.

We recently received a beautiful gift basket from Harry and David that included some amazing pears. Well, you can only eat so many pears before they turn into pear poo so I decided to incorporate them into a delish dish. Oh shit…that sounds like a Rachaelrayism. Ugh!

Sitting at home staring in the frige and cupboards I kept seeing that big ass package Cialis Online of pears, candy and snacks sitting on the counter. It just so happened that I haven’t been food shopping for quite a while and that 90% of the items in my house are seasonings and spices and frozen shrimp so my mind started to turn. I wasn’t feeling too creative until my 2nd glass of merlot and then it hit me. I didn’t want to experiment with cheese, chocolates or peanut brittle. Not good ingredients to go with shrimp so the only logical choice were the pears.

Sweet and Spicy Shrimp…my way. Over a bed of Brown Rice.

Here We Go!

·         ½ Lb. Shrimp (Shelled and Deveined)
·         ½ Tbsp Old Bay Seasoning
·         Generic cilais whithout prescription ½ tsp black pepper
·         1 clove garlic. Sliced thin
·         2 tbsp olive oil
·         ½ Small Vidalia onion. Minced
·         1 Celery stalk. Diced
·         2 Tbsp butter
·         ½ tsp Red Pepper flakes
·         2 large Bartlett Pears. Diced
·         ¼ cup honey
·         1 Qt. Brown Rice. I run to the Chinese restaurant for a quick/easy fix

To Prepare:
Pat shrimp dry on a paper towel and lightly sprinkle with Old Bay, Black pepper and Red Pepper. Pour oil in a large skillet and get the heat up to medium high. Cook shrimp on each side about 1 to 2 min until nice and opaque and then set aside.

In a small sauce pan on a medium flame heat the butter, onion, celery and garlic until sautéed. About 3 minutes should be good.
Add diced pears and reduce heat to a low simmer. Cook for about 3 minutes until the liquid from the fruit is reduced to about 1/3rd while stirring about every 20 seconds. Stir in the honey and turn off heat.

To Assemble:
Over a bed of brown rice, spoon ¼ of the sauce around the rice, place shrimp creatively around edge of the rice and serve while hot.

This recipe serves 4 and is a nice alternative to the usual sweet and sour shrimp that you get from the take-out Chinese restaurant.

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