Pot Roast Like Mom Used to Make

crockpot.jpgAs a child, our home was always filled the comforting smells of home cooking.

Food that wasn’t rushed, frozen, hastily prepared or delivered by a pizza boy.

Mom’s pot roast was usually prepared in a CrockPot from the 70′s that looked like it could bathe a small dog, but I guess things just looked bigger back then.

Pot Roast is usually done with tougher cuts of meat like chuck roast or a shoulder cut and does require very slow cooking to give you a tasty, flavorful and tender meat.

The following is my mom’s original recipe with a few additions.

3 1/2 lb of boneless chuck roast
2 Tbsp olive oil
sea salt, black pepper, dried rosemary
2 large yellow onion, sliced
1/2 cup of red wine
1/2 cup low sodium beef or chicken broth
2 tbsp all purpose white flour
2 large russet potatoes, sliced

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

In a large skillet heat 1 tbsp olive oil and lightly brown the onion, carrots and potatoes then out them in the slow cooker, a.k.a.: CrockPot.

Keep your pan on medium heat and add the remaining tbsp of oil.

Dust your roast liberally with sea salt, black pepper, rosemary and dust with the flour and place in the pan. Brown each side of the roast, about 1 minute each side.

Place roast on top of the veggies that are in the slow cooker, add in the wine, broth, set cooker for 8 hours on low and go to sleep.

This is how I did it. I Awoke to the amazing aromas of a simple time not too long ago. A time when The Love Boat and Fantasy Island were the popular shows and Ronald Reagan’s charismatic smile was on the mind of all God loving Americans.

Take a trip back in time and make a simple dish that you remember from childhood. You won’t regret it…and don’t forget to call your mom!

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