Happy Thanksgiving? Perhaps Next Year

tuna2.JPGWell Alli Thanksgiving is here again.beertime.JPGfig.JPG

For the average American that means going to Mom’s house, watching football, eating more than you would in 3 days and having that, oh so special dysfunctional family squabble…I just like that word.

My lovely wife and I are working today, from 6 A.M. to about 9:30 P.M. but I did get to stop home to drop off the pup, Fannie “The Fig” Farmer to have dinner.

I ebjoyed 6 crackers topped with pre-mixed tuna salad that looked less appetizing than my cat’s Fancy Feast. Even Fannie ate food called Thanksgiving Dinner.

Wifey enjoyed a jellie donut, a bag of Doritos and God knows what else.

Today, there were no roasted turnips, cornbread stuffing, cheese platters, shrimp cocktail, lobster or roasted turkey. The fireplace was dark, the kitchen did have a nice smell of despair..only kidding. I did, however, long for the ride to mom and dad’s for just a whiff of the aromatics that are jammed into the turkey’s ass cavity, the site of the turkey neck sticking out of the gravy pan, the cold comfort of my dad’s microbrew selection, the bowl of M&M’s, the cheese and crackers, clinky sounds of the electric beater as it pings against the potato filled pot awaiting to be mashed and drowned with sticks of butter, the overbearing booming voice of one of my siblings (whose name shall remain anonymous), the obligatory arguments right before dinner is over, the over bearing heat of their home (79 degrees), and best of all, the hug sandwich provided by mom and dad. 

Thinking about all of the things that I was not able to partake in this one day I feel kind of fortunate that I actually have them, just on hiatus for today.

As this post started out to be a rant it actualy got turned around somehow.

I actually am kind of fortunate. I have the best wife in the galaxy(with the exception of the lack of culinary ambition), the BEST cat and dog God has ever given to anyone and a warm home to come home to.

Have a nice Thanksgiving and appreciate everything you have.

God Bless the troops, your families and pets!

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2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving? Perhaps Next Year”

  1. Senorita Comida says:

    I know what you mean. I am a ”Home Maker” and work all day watching Oprah, Morey, Jerry, Judge Judy then I get my nails done and then I pick-up the kid from daycare.
    The caterer on Thanksgiving forgot the rolls…I was so stressed out.
    It was a difficult day, I need a day of beauty

  2. Thanks for the link. Sounds like interesting read

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