San Gennaro Festival NYC 2007-Kind of Sucked!

bigpussyandme-2.JPG Once again, the San Gennaro Festival comes and goes as Autumn is ushered in along with the delicious fragrence of sausage and peppers.

My annual pilgrimage to Mott and Canal in NYC’s Little Italy was sort of a bust this year.

It was a mob scene, no pun intended, but I really didn’t see too many Italians.

San Gennaro is not what it used to be, neither is Little Italy anymore as China town is moving in faster than anything.

Fajita stands, Falafel, Kabobs and Margaritas being peddled by Pakistani gentlemen (see, I can be politically correct if necessary) and Puerto Rican carnies trying to get you to dunk a ping-pong ball in a water filled bowl to win a poor gold fish that will eventually end up on the gutter off of Mott Street.

HOW online meds without prescription THE F@#K IS THIS ITALIAN?

It used to be a reflection of the community..but now it’s very similar to your local carnival with the exception of the oceans of bars…things to do and the undeniable NYC  energy..ok, I still like it but why can’t they sell beer in the streets?

I can’t forget to mention the very popular Soprano wannabees and Godfather lackies slaughtering the Italian language in their stereotypical wife-beater shirts.

Mootzarel (mozzarella), Galamad (calamari) and Projewt (prosciutto)

After working our way through mobs of very “interesting” people, idiots pushing their double-wide baby strollers around at 10 pm and girls that have no right to be wearing clothes that are two sizes too small we decided to duck the chaos and go to an authentic Italian restaurant. NO SUCH LUCK!

We were greeted by 2 spanish guys, brought to our table by a russian and waited on by Siad, from Pakistan…no friggin joke.

The food sucked..we had sangria and stale bread but the entire trip was worth it.

4 1/2 hours of commuting, stepping in bum vomit, getting nauseous from the insane cab ride..spending time with your two best friends and having the freedom to speak my mind…PRICELESS!


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