This Just In! Rachael Ray is Actually a Demonic Creature

lucifer.jpg evilclown1.jpg

The Similarities are uncanny!

She must be the Devil incarnate. How else could someone that acts like her achieve fame and fortune like she has..or should I say…like he has?

3 Food Network T.V. shows, a nationally syndicated talk show, 16 friggin top selling cook books, a line of knives and olive oil and a big ass bag of luck. Oh…and is able to buy phentermine without prescription go to work shit faced.

Ok….I admit it. I am jealous, but I would not sell my soul to the devil.

Seriously, how did she get discovered? I have been cooking for years and have been writing a cook book for about 4 years and I hope that I will have a tbsp of her luck.

Imagine being able to drink cocktails all night long and dream up crazy fucked up recipes that a 3rd grader drunk on Benedryl could conjure up.

I can see RR’s new one that would also be a family favorite.

5 tater tots crumbled inside of greazy grilled cheese deep fat fried and smothered in Reeses Pieces.


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