The Crock Pot Series: Creamy Cheese Tortellini and Spinach Soup.

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It’s winter….it’s cold as Hell, perhaps a bit depressing and perhaps the best time to break out the ole crock pot.

What’s better than tossing a bunch of ingredients in a pot, covering it up, setting it for 6 hours and waking up to a complete meal?

In my book….nothing, so let’s get it on with some cheesy, creamy, bubblin’ lovin.

I give you……. Creamy Cheese Tortellini and Spinach Soup.

When cooking I like to use organic ingredients whenever possible, but sometimes you just can’t but let me tell you…

When you cook with organic fruits, veggies and grains you can see, smell and taste the difference. Yes, it’s a little more expensive, but your tongue will thank you as well as your health.

People often complain about how expensive going organic is….pa-lease, have you how much money insurance and medicine costs?

Get smart for yourself and your family and cook organic whenever possible.


2 Boxes of Chicken Broth (50-64 Ounces)
1 28 Ounce Can of Italian Style Diced tomatoes
1 Small Onion (diced finely)
1 Small Garlic Clove ( minced)
2 Tbsp Butter ( salted)
1 8 Ounce Package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 small container/bag of fresh spinach (5 Ounces)
2 Large Mushrooms (Sliced)
1 bag of frozen tortellini
Salt and Pepper to taste.

*** Important Tip: To make sure that your cream cheese mixes as creamy as possible and doesn’t leave you with lumps, I take the block of cream cheese, cube it and put it in a bowl with about a cup of cream cheese and I microwave it for 60 seconds, stir it up and pour it into the crock pot

Put all ingredients in your slow cooker, set on low for 6 hours.
Go to sleep and wake up to the most kick ass, creamy soup you have ever had.

Serves About 5 Adults.

Additional Options:

You could….Toss some shrimp in during the last 10 min.
You could…. Add cooked kielbasa or sausage crumbles. (Browned and drained)
You could…. Add a can of cream of chicken soup.
You could….Add a package of frozen peas.
You could…. Add Asparagus tips and technique wise, you could even leave the lid off for the last 2 hours to let it thicken.

Enjoy with some crusty Italian bread and a glass of wine and reeeeelax.

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