Briermere Farms. The Best Pies in New York.


Today was a beautiful and optimistic Saturday morning on Long Island. 7 am, it was a crisp 55 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. As my uncaffeinated limbs and sleep deprived eyes arrived at the ¬†fridge and peered inside, I found nothing desirable but a splash of milk to pour into my coffee that was taking way too long to stream out of our fancy schmancy Keurig. No eggs, one cheese, on slice of old bread and some grilled fish from 5 days ago. This was a problem…a serious problem that could only be solved by one thing…one word…one place. PIE. BRIERMERE. RIVERHEAD.

After a diaper change, a quick pounding of my coffee and feeding my pup, me and The Muffin Man, aka, The Dude, J Smooth, J-Bird, Jam Master Jax decided to get in the 4 wheeler and head out on our mission.

As we were driving on Sound Ave we passed farms, farms, farm and wineries. Green pastures, horses, ducks and tractors. Everything we saw was educational as I would shout out what I saw and hopefully Baby J would see it and say what he saw. I heard the words “Bubble”, “Ball”, “Goooo” and “Mooooo.” Before we knew it we were pulling into Pie Nirvana.

The Mecca of ¬†Mousse Pies….. The Pinnacle of Peach Pie…..The Boss of Blueberry Pies and my favorite….the Sensational Strawberry Pie.

Oh yeah baby,,,,there she is.

Behold…..the Strawberry Pie.

It wasn’t the easiest decision to make when I was there this morning, after all they have about 26 pies every day.

In addition to this they have muffins, cookies, breads, loafs and jams.

As if the pies weren’t good enough….if you get there early enough they sell the pies from the day before at half price…that’s right half price.

My strawberry pie was placed in it’s box, weighing about 5 lbs.

A flaky, buttery and delicious dome covering pounds of fresh strawberries, fresh preserves and a whole lot of love.

From the fist bite you will be in love with Briermere Farms baked goods.

As my cake knife cut into this mound of love, I anticipated a fork full within the next 30 seconds.

A beautiful mix of crust, sweet strawberry filling and pure awesomeness.

I’m going to leave my description at this….I want you to decide for yourself.

For your convenience and just because I want you to drool on your computer I am listing the pies along with their regular prices.

Again…don’t forget to get there early and ask for their day old pies.

Have fun, enjoy the farm and market and eat like it’s your last day on God’s green earth.

Apple $15.00
Apple Crisp $16.00
Blueberry $16.00
Cherry $16.00
Peach $16.00
Peach Cherry $16.50
Strawberry Rhubarb $16.50
Raspberry $16.50
Raspberry Peach $16.50
Raspberry Cherry $16.50
Raspberry Plum $17.00
Strawberry $16.00
Rhubarb $16.00
Apple Rhubarb $16.50
Blackberry $16.50
Blackberry Apple $16.50
Apricot $16.00
Boysenberry $18.00
Cherry Cream $20.00
Blueberry Cream $20.00
Raspberry Cream $20.00
Lemon Meringue (Friday – Sunday) $20.00
Coconut Meringue (Friday – Sunday) $20.00
Chocolate Cream (Friday – Sunday) $22.00

4414 Sound Avenue, Riverhead

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