Tuesday Night Carb Night.


It’s only Tuesday and damn it’s been a long week so far.

Everything that could go wrong has and I think it’s time for some comfort food and a nice nap.

Today I decided to make a nice Tagliatelle. These noodles are long, flat ribbons similar to fettuccine and is a nice egg pasta, so it’s great with your favorite sauce, butter or even in a nice chicken soup.

Today I made Tagliatelle with a fresh marinara sauce.

Plain and simple, but sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that are the most decadent.

Wanna carbo load with me…then read on!

The Sauce

For a quick fix please use a high quality jarred sauce like Patsy’s for the best taste you can get.

I happened to make an 8 hour crock pot sauce the night before, and will be sharing the recipe soon, but for now go jarred.

The Pasta

This has got to be the best pasta I have ever had.

It’s from Italy and I actually purchased it from Home Goods but if you can’t find what you are looking for there then look for the highest quality pasta at your supermarket.  Better yet, go to an Italian specialty store and get fresh pasta. You will not be sorry you did.

Cooking the pasta

All pasta cooking methods vary slightly…just follow the directions to your liking and make a perfect Al Dente pasta.

The Finished Product

I told you it was simple.

Remember, presentation is almost  just as important as the taste itself.

We eat with our eyes first.

Plate your pasta, load up an nice amount of sauce and garnish with some fresh basil.


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