Christmas 2012. Life is Different with a Baby.


Christmas, for me, means so many things.

Like many New Yorkers, Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, spending time with family, opening gifts with loved ones, watching children get so excited just from the anticipation of Santa’s arrival or perhaps it means something totally personal to you.

For me, it’s a combo of all of the above mixed in with some good food and dysfunctional family bickering.

This is the 2nd year our baby has been with us for Christmas….so the game plan is quite different than it has been in the past.

Last year, Baby J was just a coupe of months old at Christmas, so he was very portable, I could get things done and I could just keep him in his baby seat and he would just stay there.

This year our toddler is walking, running, racing, tripping, trying to open baby proofed cabinets, climbing, falling, rolling and essentially made it a “challenge” to go Christmas shopping, decorate or even get a tree.

He no longer carries like a piece of luggage….,.this kid is an Olympian.

This year it was a pleasure to leave the cooking and planning  to others, but in the style of a true foodie we were able to secure the coolest foodie baby toy…..I give my wife props for this one.

Click on the Image for the cool details!

This, by far, was the coolest gift that we could have given the baby.

He loves it!

As soon as he wakes up he wants to go into the living room and start serving pizza and cookies to his bear, the dog and even the couch. Yes…he feeds the couch cushion cookies and make believe he is giving it water from his empty water jug…complete with him saying “glug, glug, glug.”

We also got him the Birthday Surprises Set.

This is another cool option…click on the image for the full description.

He was a trooper for the last three days, being brought to our families houses, in and out of cars and taking pictures with everyone.

The food was good for all at both my wife’s mom’s house and my brother’s house.

There were the usual suspects, crackers, olive trays, sliced cheeses and crackers…but there were also delish dishes such as my brother’s shrimp bisque mushrooms, mom’s baked cheese mac and  Eggplant and Stuffed Shells from Lombardi’s of Middle Island.

The food was very good…no complaints but honestly….my focus was watching my baby’s eyes as he saw cool lights, watch Christmas cartoons, listen to the laughter and yelling and crying and yelling  ..I…laughing and singing Christmas carols and opening special gifts but loving the wrapping paper and boxes more than what was actually in the box itself.

Perhaps that’s what we, as adults, need to do more of. Enjoy the wrap and box, the thought and intention, more than the item itself.

Damn, and I thought  I was the teacher to this little baby.

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