God Bless Those Whom Died in Newtown, Ct.


I’m not in the mood to write about food today. I’m not even in the mood to eat, I am so nauseous.

Today, one of the biggest tragedies happened.

Innocence was lost…… again.
Children were killed in a senseless killing spree.
This has hit me as well as millions of others so hard…it’s so hard to swallow.

I was driving my baby around town, listening to the relaxing sounds of the ocean on dvd to help him sleep. God, he looks like an angel to me…I could almost see a halo around his head.

So trusting, so beautiful and my responsibility in every way possible.
I would do anything for him, like all of you for your own. I would die for him.

My wife sent me a text that read……Just heard more about the shooting. Hug the baby for me and tell him I love him.

This morning I heard that 3 people were hurt and the gunman was dead….but that was it, so I turned on 1010 WINS and heard the latest update and was sick to my stomach.

I looked in the rear view mirror at that little cherub sleeping, started to tear up and became even more committed to his safety, me protecting him and showing him the good in the world..the peace and the love.

God Bless you all….you are loved.

Please view the video below of President Obama speaking about this tragedy.

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