No More Twinkies.

RIP Twinkies

No More Twinkies???



This must be some kind of joke, but they say it’s not.

First we get slammed from Hurricane Sandy…..

Then we lose electricity and heat…….

Then it snows 8 inches……

What the F*&% is happening to the world?  What about my favorite childhood treats?  What will my baby eat? What is a foodie to do?

The news that brought the snack world to it’s knees hit the fan on Friday November 16, 2012.

18.500 employees will be laid off from Hostess and they will sell their snack cakes and breads.

I’m still in shock, as myself and my wife relied on their sugary intoxicating comfort foods to get us through some crummy days.

How Did it All Go Down?

A huge strike across the country……

by the members of the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, or the BCTGM,  brought Hostess to a dead stop as they were unable to produce and deliver their treats and breads, forcing them to close down. All of their facilities will stop producing their goods and the bakery stores will remain open until their already baked products have been sold.

The employee’s stubborn stand against hostess is being blamed for the downfall of the snack cake icon.

Look…I’m not sure exactly how it was working there but I have heard that they were getting greedy and just didn’t know when to say ok to a good negotiation.

The company reached a deal with the Teamsters, however a smaller union representing the bakery just didn’t agree to the terms….therefore essentially killing Twinkie the Kid.

God, tell me this is just a bad nightmare!!!!!!

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