Murph’s Restaurant Franklin Square, NY


When I think about Murph’s…it really brings me back to a great time in my life. The late 80′s and early 90′s.

Hell, what wasn’t awesome about that time?  Ronald Reagan was President until ’89, the Cold War was over, Nelson Mendella was freed, The 1st McDonald’s opened up in Moscow showing positive signs of the nations free market ideology and most importantly…Vanilla Ice came out with Ice Ice Baby.

I am happy to say that Murph’s was the first place that I legally drank a beer…ok, I was almost of legal drinking age, I guess it was the cheesey moustache, long hair and head band that covered my chicken pox marked forehead. I guess they thought I was Easy Rider or a hair band rocker. Hey, it was 1990..long hair, facial hair and head bands were in and yes..I got chicken pox at a late age! Don’t hate.

Murph’s was always and is still known for their comfortable setting, awesome home-style cooking and Irish vibe…and huge beer selection.

Let’s get to the food, shall we?

Of  Course Murph’s offers some kick ass appetizers.

Classic Buffalo Chicken Wings

Murph’s Mexican Nachos
Crispy tortilla chips piled high w/chili, cheddar and jack cheese, jalapenos & salsa. How can you go wrong?

Irish Nachos

Crisp French fries w/bacon bits, scallions and then loaded with mozzarella cheese…or what us Irish American’s say…Motzahrella cheese.

Under their Pub Fare menu there is an awesome assortment of burgers, chicken sangies, tuna melt’s, classic french dips and the viewers favorite….

The Classic Steak Sandwich

Now on to the Entrees

Get Ready for your mouth to water

They have a great selection of steaks like NY Strip, Romanian Skirt,  Roasted Prime Rib and a few more.

The  Prime Rib is a favorite……

Flavorful…juicy and seasoned perfectly.

As is the Stuffed Shrimp

The desserts are run of the mill with the exception of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie. Not home made but quite good.
You also have cheese cake, pound cake, apple crumb, ice cream…yada yada yada.

But one of my favorite reasons to tell you about Murph’s is…..the beer.

Over 100 beers. With a selection like this, you cannot go wrong.

So to recap….

Late night menu !

Tasty  snacks, chips and juicy burgers !

Fried food !

and over 100 BEERS!

Get your ass down to Murph’s..sit at the the game…eat some wings and drink up!

( Call a cab if necessary)

Oh and it anyone asks….these cools pictures came from Murph’s site. They were better than mine and show the true essence of the awesome food and preparation.

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