Carnivals, Fairs and Dangerously Delicious Foods.


There’s nothing like a carnival.

The sounds of the carnies alluring you to their booths so that you can possibly win an unattainable prize, the sites of the roller coasters and children’s smiles, lighting up the area brighter than a spot light and the smells of the delicious array of fried goodies just waiting to be consumed..not in moderation.

This is why I love carnivals and festivals and here are some of my favorites……

Carnival food is really one of my culinary downfalls, next to free beer.

French fries swimming deliciously in 6 year old vegetable oil, cotton candy that boasts my favorite possible combination of chemicals, Red dye #40, Yellow dye #5, Yellow dye #6, and Blue dye #1., Funnel Cakes, loaded with enough sugar to make you sterile, Corn Dogs containing so much salt, your blood pressure is going to raise with just one bite, Fried Chicken Fingers, frozen when the Colonel was alive and Pizza that doesn’t really taste like’s just that the picture looks so good, you have no choice but to but a slice or two.

The Show Must Go On……

This is where the God’s of Fried Food reside.

Chicken tenders…French Fries….Chicken on a Stick…Chicken Wings….YES PLEASE!

How can you resist? Crispy french fries, smothered in organic sharp cheddar, imported from upstate New York, made from cows that strictly fed on sweet organic grass while listening to piped in tunes of Chopin, Mozart and Kenny G to keep them relaxed.


Ok, I’m sure that they call this stuff cheese sauce but the only thing that this as in common with real cheese is it’s color…but still, it’s damn delicious.

You’ve got Hamburgers, cheese burgers, steak sandwiches and sausage heros…..and the list goes on.

Pizza, that look much better than it tastes…

Lemonade, so sweet and tart…it will keep you coming back for more.

Candy Man

This place is cool and will, no doubt, take you back to your childhood with their candy selections.

Everything but the Reggie Bar. Bummer.

Cotton Candy, candy apples, caramel apples, etc, etc, etc.

Now for my favorite carnival foods…junk food, that is….Fried Candy Bars…

If fried candy bars were people, they would be held in such high regards like that of the Presidential Family, The Kardashians or even Ghandi.

Seriously…this stuff is no joke, my friends.

Without further adieu, I give you…..

The Making of a Fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Delicately preparing the Reeses for his Milky Bath.

The Reeses are now on a stick being placed into the hot oil

The Final Product.

Delicious Perfection.

Deep Fried Heaven.


Delicious, warm combo of peanut butter and chocolate held together in a pillow of sweet love.

Now that I have successfully raised my cholesterol to dangerously highs levels for the sake of your enjoyment, go out and eat your heart out at your nearest carnival, festival or fair.

Happy Munching!

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