The Grind Cafe, Wading River.


What do Ducks, Home made Pretzel Bread and Church bells at Noon Have to Do with Anything?

You are near the Grind Cafe.

Off the beaten path is where you will find The Grind Cafe, but it’s quite easy to get there so pay attention. If you’re on your way to Phil’s Place on Wading River Manor Road…keep going and head directly into the quaint village and directly across from the pond you will come to your destination.

Stepping into this cute, brick exterior cafe that was once a post office, you feel as if you must have accidentally driven into a time space continuum and somehow ended up 70 miles west in Greenwich Village, as this cool cafe offering up some tasty treats is something quite different than generally what is in the surrounding area.

Finding the Grind for us was by Divine Intervention, luck or just a bad sense of direction. Call it what you like, we are just thrilled that we found it.

How We Got Here

The day started off really crappy as My wife, myself and our six month old had to brave the cold rainy weather to drop off our recently deceased 20 year old cat at a pet cemetery in Middle Island.

As we left teary and light headed, we decided to take a ride out east towards wine county, but never made it that far. Baby boy decided that a ride out east was not on his agenda so he protested and showed us his best rendition of Pavarotti crying. Not fun so we pulled over into Phil’s Restaurant’s parking lot to adjust him, console and regroup.

Why Didn’t We Go to Phills?

I didn’t think today was the best day to bring a cranky baby and a crying wife, or is it the other way around, to a sports bar where the sounds of 50 tv’s all on various sporting events and drunk patrons cheering on their teams.

Luckily, we decided to go into the town for a walk but when we pulled up in front of the duck pond we parked by a big chalkboard sign that read……Homemade Cookies, Brownies and Scones. Our comfort food desire was about to be met.

As soon as we walked inside we were cheerfully and genuinely greeted by Lia welcoming us and asking if she could help.

There were so many unique treats, goodies and snacks that my uncaffeinated head couldn’t make a decision, so I enlisted my wife for help.

Decisions…decisions…I could have a Stuffed Pretzel Sandwich . Turkey Philly, Chicken and Cheddar or perhaps the popular Pastrami and Swiss Stuffed Pretzel Sandwich.

Or perhaps one of their Signature Sandwiches like the BLATT, Turkey Bacon, Lettuce, Alvacado, Turkey and Tomato?

Perhaps a fresh salad? Fresh Arugula Salad? A huge BLT Wedge Salad, complete with crumbled blue cheese, diced tomatoes and apple wood bacon..or wait..

All of a sudden my wife uttered those 3 words I love to hear…..those 3 words that bring back so many memories..those 3 words are…Look, Grilled Cheese.

So after checking out the menu for a while we ordered 2 grilled cheese, 1 Butterfinger thick shake, 1 chocolate chip cookie, I large organic coffee and an order of fries with home made cheese sauce and a Loaded Potato Soup.

Grilled Cheese: The grilled cheese was the best one I have ever had. Simple, delicious and a bargain. American cheese, or cheddar, between 2 thick slices of artisan white bread loaded with butter. Friggin Awesome.

Cheese Fries: Crispy drizzled with a home made cheesy bechamel sauce. Out of this world.

Loaded Potato Soup: Home made, chunky potatoes, creamy base of sour cream and heavy cream, loaded with bacon and cheddar cheese.

Coffee: Their organic coffee was seriously one of the best roasts I ever had. Roasted in Greenport from Aldo Maoriana, this brew blew away Sbux.

Butter Finger Shake: Gourmet vanilla ice cream loaded with Butter finger chunks.

The Service: Excellent.

As we were sitting down, enjoying our meal, one of the owners, Carla Iacono, came by and said that she heard we had a bad day. She was carrying the most amazing, most decadent brownie sundae and set it down on our table. She introduced herself and before we knew it she was playing with and holding our baby.

This was so generous of her that she she instantaneously created customers for life with her kind deed, gentle words and kick ass sundae.

My advice to you……Feeling good, feeeling bad, just come on down to The Grind Cafe. The vibe is great, the food is fresh and fantastic and it’s cool to support your local Long Island eateries.

A Culinary Mirage in a Wasteland of Putrid Pizzerias, Bar Bar Bites and Cruddy Coffee.

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