Blackwell’s Wading River, NY

Blackwell’s Country Club in Wading River, NY.

Located directly on the Great Rock Golf Club is Blackwell’s Restaurant. It’s location is kind of funny as it is right off of Sound ave in Wading River, the start of Long Island’s wine country, to the side of a trailer park.

It’s appearance & grounds are not pretentious, nor are the employees, unlike many country club restaurants on the island. It’s annual fees are not astronomically high and it has a nice over feel about it.

As Cialis Viagra buy Online we were brought to our table in what appeared to be a room set up to look like a library we were sat in a cozy corner where the server brought us water right away. Always a nice touch.

The room was nice and dark like an old 80′s style men’s club, appointed with mahogony accents, a beautiful fireplace and soft lighting that was very relaxing. The library shelves were filled with crappy books that one would find in a thrift shop or your grandma’s basement underneath the fondue set. Some titles included, National Geographic hardcovers from the 70′s and some dumpy dictionary’s. Hey, if this was the biggest complain then there is no issue. I’m just trying to give you a feel for what I saw.

Our server was pleasant, not kissing our ass but  nice in a rough way. Before we know it out came the appetizers.

Calamari Fritti, Classic Cesar Salad and Zucchini Chips.

The Calamari Fritti was well, not too fritti. It was just cooked, not golden brown either nor was it well breaded. It was laying on top of a very small amount of spicy remoulade that I really wanted more of and came with a side of marinara sauce that was chunky & sweet.

The Classic Cesar Salad was not really too classic as it came with rock hard croutons and slithered jarred roasted red peppers. The romaine was very fresh, crunchy & clean and the dressing was quite delicious with just the right amount of anchovy paste in it. Thank God the whole anchovy was spared.

The Zucchini Chips were excellent and addictive. They were tissue paper thin, quickly fried, salted and served with a creamy dill dipping sauce.

After a nice 6 minute wait the entrees followed.

We had the Fresh Catch of the day, Sea Bass & Teriyaki Glazed Salmon over Sesame Soba Noodles.

The Sea Bass usually comes over roasted red potatoes but I substituted mashed potatoes. The fish was a nice sized chunk, nicely cooked but lacked seasoning. Actually, it had no flavor at all. I really needed to salt and pepper it. It was filling but then again, if I wanted filling I could just have downed the bread and save a load of cash.

The Teriyaki Glazed Salmon over Sesame Soba noodles was a tad salty and the fish again, uh……flavorless, besides the saltiness. The cold soba noodles were delicious and cooked perfectly. It seems silly to some people how you can say the noodles, or pasta was cooked perfectly but hey, it is easy to screw up. The fish was over cooked and again not seasoned well. The thick teriyaki glaze was tasty but seemed to attempt to mask the lack of flavor found in the salmon. Also, the thick gelatinous sauce did not seem homemade.

So far the meal was mediocre at best.

Finally, the dessert. Sometimes dessert can be the saving grace of a meal that could have been all that but wasn’t. In this case, my hopes were set too high.

Blackwell’s NY Style Cheesecake was creamy but yet nothing special. It was a cheesecake that you would find anywhere. I’m not saying it wasn’t decent but it wasn’t steakhouse quality. It was firm, creamy and came with a dollop of canned whipped cream.

The Chocolate Cake was well, how can I describe it……? My wife said it best when she sung, “Because Pepperidge Farm Remembers.” The dry chocolate layer cake, if I were to place a bet, came out of a box, that came out of my mom’s freezer when Uncle Frankie & Aunt Theresa would come over. And yes, it came with a dollop of canned whipped cream. The cake was very dry, the frosting was a simple, flavorless chocolate and tasted as if I was eating a devil dog while I had a stuffy nose.

The atmosphere is pleasant and really not stuffy at all but some of the “members” eating there gave the feeling that they didn’t think their shit smelled. The service was very good, which I cannot say is the way it has been in he past and if you are dining with the same verbose moron that keeps repeating that paying $120 for a golf shirt is a great deal, just go to the bathroom and checkout the 1920′s versions of soft porn adorning the walls.

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