Delicious Sweet Pierogies

Delicious fresh pierogies is not only what I had tonight but the name of the company out of Roselle Park N.J. that makes these heavenly puffy potato treats.

As I was at the market picking up milk I strolled┬áby the veggies to see what popped up at me. Sweet Vadalia onions found their way into my cart, as well as sour cream and wait a minute……what is this I see? Pierogies?

Damn, I haven’t had pierogies in years, and fresh pierogies to boot.

It’s the summer on Long Island so I like to stick to what’s in my backyard as well as what’s fresh at the seafood market but tonight was different. I was looking for some type of comfort food and well, green peppers, basil and heirloom tomatoes don’t cut it for the I’m trying to beat the blues kind of comfort food.

This dish is so simple and yet so delicious that it will satisfy your cravings for comfort and …ah..well,,,food.

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