5th Season in Port Jefferson. From One Coastal Town to Another.

It’s a cold November night, you’re hungry for something different. Something organic, something prepared with a conscience and an artful touch. Something creatively delicious. Food that you actually notice as it is placed in front of you. Food that you actually think about with each bite.

In the Spring of 2008 the village of Port Jefferson FINALLY came out of its fried food coma. You see, Port Jeff was never really known for its food. Sure, tourists thought that places like George Wallace’s Dockside or The Steam Room actually had good fresh seafood. WRONG! The only thing fresh that came out of these place were the attitudes from the pissy employees that didn’t want to be there.

The food is creative, fresh and prepared by professionals that are more like artists than chefs. The staff is professional and corteous and managment is always friendly.

The Bar: Happy hour specials varry and are available 7 days a week. It’s a bar but don’t worry it’s not a sports bar with screaming maniacs. Sure there is a flat screen tv with the big game playing but there is no half time screaming or glutten contests here.

Seth takes control of the bar making suggestions when you are indoubt. They have fresh microbrews on tap as well as about From hefeweizen to hennepin and dead guy to doggie style they have a beer that will surely float your beer boat. ALL ABOARD! Not to mention a wine selection that will make your head spin and an array of cockails from the classics like The Sidecar to new concoctions made with fresh juices and purees like the bartlett pear & ginger martini made with grey goose pear vodka, bartlett pear, ginger, fresh squeezed lemon

Wines and microbrews are carefully selected to perfectly pair with dishes that seem to be created just for you.

Noted tastes include: ANY soup on the menu. Puree of Butternut Squash….HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO GOOD!

Caesar Salad $8.00 Baby red and green romain letuce with shaved aged pecorino. herbed croutons and a deliciously creamy lemony garlic dressing.

Noted Appetizers: American Artisinal and Farmstand Cheese Plate $12 Includes 3 cheeses with seasonal accompainments

Side Orders: All Sides are $6 and include the folllowing:

Mac and Cheese, Braised Kale with Lardons, Herbed Polenta, Sauteed Broccolini, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Garlic Mashed potatoes, Yukon Gold Hash and my favorite, the Fresh Cut French Fries.

You may think…hmmm, french fries? What’s so special? I’ll tell you. They make them in a meth lab and sprinkle cocaine on them or that’s how I assume they are made because they are so damn addicting. Also, the mac and cheese is not like mom made and doesn’t come in a blue and yellow box. When I first saw the mac and cheese coming out I thought it was a bit too small but it really wasn’t, it was a perfect portion. Rich, creamy, tangy and so comforting.

Pros: The staff is amazing and are all “real people.”

The owners are legit and a pleasure to chat with.

The bartenders are cool and offer great suggestions, just don’t ask Set to make you a Mind Eraser.

The atmosphere and ambience is so comforting it makes you want to curl up in the corner lounge chair…sip some scotch and dream on.

Oh yeah….the food baby, the food.

Cons: Specialty cocktails can get pricey however they are classic and made with the freshest ingredients.

The parking lot is a metered parking lot and the wanna be jerk-off junior constables (who only have the job because they are related to someone of “importance” in the village) LOVE to give tickets. They wait around like sharks waiting for a pudgy baby’s leg to hit the water.

Take the 5th in Port Jeff and be sure to say hello to it’s honoray mayor Christie.

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  1. Mark says:

    I LOVE this place. It has such a nice vibe and the staff are really cool! I went here with my wife because of your review and found it very accurate.

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