Vito’s of Port Jeff. Suffolk County Finally Get’s a Real Pizzeria.


It’s amazing how difficult it is to find good Italian food in a county that is 86 miles long and 26 miles wide at its widest point……but my hard work is finally paying off.

Hidden away in a shopping center on Route 347 in Port Jeff Station stands a new kid in town.

Vito’s of Port Jeff.

On a slow Monday, my wife and I decided to go out to lunch and noticed that there was life again in the space that once housed Sicily Pizza Cafe, which is now in the pizza graveyard.

As we entered the room on this bitterly cold February afternoon, we were warmly greeted by Anthony and Dianna.

Agitated with my abilities to decide on what type of slice to have we sat down to read the menu. We quickly noticed that it wasn’t your average local Suffolk County pizzeria menu. This menu had something many didn’t. Variety and choices!

What a concept. A pizzeria that offers more than just pizza and lasagna. Now, don’t get me wrong, Vito’s is not just a pizzeria, it’s a very nice, full service sit down restaurant. With beautiful hand painted murals on the wall and comfortable tones, you will have a relaxing  time here and experience the Italian food Mecca that came to Long Island.

Deciding that we were going to have a full meal, we sat down and had a nice conversation with Anthony and Dianna.

Like a proud father, Anthony told us about his homemade bread……about 3 times. “Ok”, I thought. “A basket of hero bread sliced then nuked will shortly be here. SOS.”

Oh, how I was wrong.  The basket of soft and crusty loaves arrived nestled in a blanket, but not before it’s aroma did.

After the first taste we knew why he was such a proud papa. The bread was great!

As we were deciding what to have for our main course we ordered a slice of pizza to hold us over, and I am so glad that we did.

The pizza was the closest thing to a perfect slice that I have had in a long time.

You could pick it up and give it a slight fold without the oil pouring off like a mudslide.

The cheese was ample but not layered on to weight it down.

The sauce was sweet, aromatic with a light basil flavor and was not acidic.

The crust was firm yet soft and had a perfect crisp bottom to keep all of the above mentioned ingredients intact.

What did we decide on?

We ordered the Chicken Dumpling Soup, something that you don’t see that often, A Shrimp Parm hero and the Whole Wheat Pasta with Vegetables and Fresh Mozzarella.

It was brutally cold so I thought soup would be a nice idea and I don’t ever remember seeing chicken dumpling soup from a pizzeria.

The soup arrived, fresh to order with a flavor I can only describe as celestial. No joke, I tried to pick out all of the ingredients but had a difficult time doing so.

As always, when I am eating out I try to see what makes up some amazing recipes and Anthony told me, “Ah, ya know. A little this, a little cream. It’s all good.” Stumped again.

The soup was a sweet broth base with a touch of cream and incognito vegetables. The dumplings were fresh dough twisted and cooked in it’s broth to soak up the flavor like a sponge. This soup has quickly become myWhat Would You Eat For Your Last Mealfood.

Shrimp Parm Hero

Now, Shrimp parm is a dish that many say, “How can you screw it up, it’s only shrimp, sauce and cheese?”

 True, but you need the proper ingredients to make it a great shrimp parm and Vito’s pretty much nailed it on the head. The shrimp were fried perfecty, did not taste strong like shrimp…you know what I mean, that strong flavor shrimp get’s when it’s left out a wee bit too long. The sauce was sweet and tasty and the cheese was a good quality mozzarella. All of this was nestled into one of Anthony’s famous heros. The only thing that could have been better was if it had more sauce……but I guess the amount of sauce is a personal preference.

Whole Wheat Pasta with Veggies and Fresh Mozzarella

My wife wasn’t too hungry and wanted to eat more healthy so she ordered the pasta. What she didn’t realize was that she ordered a night time snack and lunch for the next day.

A platter of pasta, with veggies, fresh mozzarella in a light low sodium broth appeared after she got her fill on that delicious bread that I hear is homemade.

Sharing the same genetics of the famous poetic pizza man, Francesco Illardi, Anthony has the experience, skills, personality, passion and love that is essential to produce a perfect pizza, a magnificent meal and a great dining experience.

Do yourself a favor and break your nasty habit of ordering the travesty known as Papa John’s or the overrated “other pizza place in Port Jeff Station “ and visit Vito’s of Port Jeff.

Added Note: Try the desserts. The cakes don’t look fancy but taste amazing. Trust me.

4747 route 347 port jeff station, NY 11776     631.642.8555

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