Summer is Here and So is the Super Bush.

Super Bush Tomato.supergeorge.jpg Propecia buy alt=”superbushfrom-deroknet.jpg” height=”96″ />

No silly, I’m not talking about an un-groomed female super hero, Reggie or even “W.”  I’m talking about that delicious tomato.
It was about a month ago and my wife and I were dicking around the new super nursery, Becca Jean’s, and all of a sudden..the clouds parted…the sun came out and shined on this wonderful creation of God. Her name? Super Bush.

The name ran images of Pan Greer, Linda Carter and even Nell Carter through my head but this was a hearty looking tomato plant.
“Super Bush”, I said to the proprietor. “Sounds naughty!” He didn’t get it..but he did tell me that this $15 investment would yield at least 45 lbs. of delicious tomatoes.”Sold my good man. Sold.”

It’s about 1 month later and it has yielded it’s first fruit. I couldn’t wait to slice it and dig in. Ok, that sounds a little over excited but I was proud of my work. It sat on my counter next to the fresh basil just waiting to be married and dowsed with a little sea salt and fresh pepper.
This is how it went down. Out came the Arnold white bread, not that fancy Challah…jallah…hallauh bread or organic wheat, the Hellman’s, salt and pepper. I lathered up the bread with mayo, gently placed a slice of the Super Bush on the wave if creamy delight, sprinkled it with a little salt and pepper and anticipate my first bite.

It was exactly as I had remembered my mom making me as a kid on summer afternoons. Delicious.

It’s amazing how many simple pleasures you can find in your own backyard. Unless your backyard is an alleyway to a peep show or a overlooks a dog pound.

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